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These plantain chips are my paleo answer to an overwhelming desire to enjoy chips and guacamole! I actually discovered plantain chips in my local health food store during the early stages of dealing with the corn allergy, long before I even know what paleo was.
Coconut oil is one of the richest sources of saturated fat known to man and that is a good thing! A mortar and pestle makes it easy to make authentic guacamole and is a useful tool to add to your kitchen. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Jacob - Have had plantain chips at a restaurant in Florida – served with Citrus butter. Jennie LaValley - Thanks for your Paleo Recipes for healthy lifestyle, I am a diabetic and am trying really hard to eat healthy.
They have continued to be an occasional indulgence (I even used them to make a breading for my yummy paleo chicken fried steak) but I try not to eat them too often since the only ones I can find in stores are fried in vegetable oils I generally avoid consuming for multiple reasons, including their higher omega-6 to omega-3 ratios. My favorite brand is available online from Barefoot Provisions –В my trusted source for consciously curated paleo and primal foodstuffs.
The ones I used were slightly ripe and they turned out fine, but they were harder to slice thin because they were soft and slippery.

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I went back on grains for both time and financial reasons, and now my chronic pain conditions have worsened.
In fact, discovering my corn allergy was the early blessing-in-disguise that lead me to start seriously considering what I was putting in my mouth and how it might be affecting my health.
Unfortunately, I would need to know so much more about your daily activities, your weight and just your body in general to answer your questions :) And even then, I am not a registered nutritionist or dietitian!
Fortunately, after some time of eating a clean paleo diet, I seem to have healed my gut enough that I no longer have allergic reactions to trace amounts of corn, but I’m not brave enough to actually knowingly eat it.
Add the sliced plantains in a single layer (you will need to fry in several batches) and watch very closely as they will burn easily. I will say, when I started the Paleo journey I wanted to make sure I was eating enough to stay full and active (I was never hungry – I did crave sugar, but I was not hungry).
Use a large pancake turner to flip them after just 1-2 minutes and fry until crisp on both sides.
Most people who have a Paleo lifestyle do lose weight because the idea behind Paleo is eating what your body can fully process. I love cooking with my beau, conversations that fill the heart to brimming, smiling and pink lipstick.

If anything, I noticed quite a difference in my energy level and my overall health of mind when I started eating healthier! At least it is something like a cracker or a chip, since I will be on a grain, gluten, egg, dairy, soy, seed free and low acid diet! Smash the garlic with salt until it is a smooth paste (using a mortar and pestle makes this easy).
Once it heats up (you will see ripples in the oil when you slightly tip the pan) start adding the sliced plantains.
Now, on our second batch we lightly sprinkled them with some paprika and cayenne powder for a kick. After about an hour we noticed they started to lose their crispiness and began to soften up.

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