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Ryan and I awoke in the mood for pancakes, but wanted pancakes with a little more staying power than basic ‘cakes. They’re both gluten-free and Paleo friendly for those of you out there who might have some dietary restrictions.
I’ve never tried almond butter pancakes, but I have a pancake recipe with almond extract that makes some of my favorite pancakes ever. These pancakes are similar to my original Paleo Pancakes, but this variation results in a more authentic stack of pancakes, both in texture and flavor.
Alternatively, you can pan-fry these pancakes in a skillet, greased with grass-fed butter or coconut oil, over medium-high heat. I’ve been loving your paleo pancakes, so pleased with the results of baking them rather than trying to pan fry.

Most Paleo pancake recipes have bananas, which I am allergic to, so I am really excited about your version! Since we were out of oatmeal, most of my favorite protein pancake recipes were out, so I grabbed the almond butter we had on hand, figuring I could incorporate it into pancakes in some way to add protein and healthy fat to our breakfast. I’m not sure exactly why, but when I actually have time to make breakfast I always seem to want to make pancakes.
They are the perfect transition food for anyone looking to upgrade their traditional pancake breakfasts, and will fool even the pickiest of eaters.
This is my preferred method, since you don’t need to use any extra oil for frying, and you can cook all the pancakes at once without even flipping them! Austin and I used to go out for pancakes nearly every weekend, but now we’re hooked on preparing this grain-free variation at home!

I’m always trying to find new ways to make flavorful pancakes, but the best are typically the ones made with almond butter. This is my preferred method, since you don't need to use any extra oil for frying, and you can cook all the pancakes at once without even flipping them!

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