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It seems impossible to create a spray from oil that is solid at room temperature, but many companies, including Spectrum Organics, Pam, and Trader Joe’s, have done just that. Much like the PAM canola cooking spray many of us grew up with, coconut oil spray provides a convenient way to grease muffin tins and bread pans, and the easiest way to get that perfect brown crisp on homemade chicken fingers.
Alternative options: Get a Misto and spray the melted coconut oil on your foods, or buy a silicon brush to get in the nooks and crannies. In a New York Times article from late in 2012 talks about a panel of lawyers formally taking on Big Tobacco that decided to take on the company that makes PAM (ConAgra Foods). Uses for butane: Fuel for barbecues, aerosol propellant (as in hair spray and PAM), cigarette lighters, and to blend other fuels together [3]. Reusable oil spray and mister bottle gives you the convenience and health benefits of an aerosol sprayer in a more economical and environmental form. Easy-to-use pump style cap features a 2-step operation: simply pump the container, then and press the valve on the pressurized sprayer for an even mist. If you remember our article on PAM (we titled it Cooking With Gasoline to try to drive the point home), aerosol non-stick sprays are full of several ingredients that you do not want in your body. As is in PAM, Smart Balance cooking spray also contains soy lecithin, grain alcohol (not really that much of a big deal there), dimethylpolysiloxane, and fuel based propellants. This is the one I use below and highly suggest it as it is just as effective as any store bought pan sprayer and you can add any oil you wish. After working for several months with the top cooking bloggers in paleo, we released the Fat-Burning Chef Cookbook as a master collection of their finest recipes, some of which had never before been revealed. So we decided to ask them for their favorite kitchen and cooking tips so we could all get an insight into how they can routinely cook & create such incredible food.
Plan any big cooking events ahead of time and to prep ingredients via instruction and measurement 30-40 minutes before cooking and place them separately in bowls so you can easily toss each ingredient in when needed.
If you are cooking for a party or for a super important guest, never ever experiment with a new recipe or new ingredients.

Thanks for all the great tips…my roommate and I are are just starting week 7 100% Paleo and I am on day 6 of Whole30!! Coconut oil is solid at room temperature (raw, virgin coconut oil solidifies at about 77 degrees F), so it seems like an impossible oil to force through a spray nozzle.
A reconnaissance trip down to the local target after the gym allowed me to get a list of the ingredients in PAM original. The same can generally be said from palm and coconut (this is kind of inspiring me to do a serious on the differences of common cooking oils). Apparently rosemary extract has good anti-thermal effects so I would imagine that it helps to prevent PAM from burning. The lawyers took the side of a woman who after taking a look at her hair spray realized that the final ingredient on her PAM cooking spray was not all to different from her hair spray. When you press down on the cooking spray the differences in pressure between the can and your kitchen cause the gas in the can to expand and drive out the liquid in the can and on to your skillet or baking sheet.
This gas replaced freon in refrigerators and freezers as a coolant and as also used as a propellant in aerosol sprays [8, 10]. For cauliflowers, you can use the leaves as a sort of cabbage, the peeled stem of a broccoli tastes like kohlrabi, the peels of asparagus are great for cooking them in broth for a awesome flavour, the leftover bones when you made chicken wings (from organic, free range chicken of course) are awesome for broth, and so on. It’s really important to set aside enough time to enjoy the cooking process rather than rushing through it in a stressed out frenzy. I love it…I have EFFORTLESSLY dropped at least 15 pounds, I sleep really great and have found that my LOVE of cooking has come back after 20 years!!
Anyway, when analyzing cooking oils it’s important to learn what different oils have to offer in terms of cooking and health benefits.
It actually acts as a really good emulsifier so in the case of PAM it helps to keep all the ingredients together. Some people prefer olive oil or even coconut oil over strictly canola or palm oil but there are health benefits that are interchangeable between them all.

According to another manufacturer, other applications include, polishes for automobiles and furniture, liquid springs and shock absorbers, rust prevention, hydraulic fluids, dielectric fluids, water repellant for cement and bricks, paint and coating additives, textile finishing, and spinneret cleaner [12]. However, I’m not sure on the process that PAM uses for the way it obtains its rosemary extract but the European Food Safety Authority has done studies on the way that chemicals are used for the extraction process similar to that of soy lecithin [14]. Use the bacon fat like a magical elixir to turn anything into an incredible dish — Brussels sprouts, collard greens, eggs, burgers, you name it.
We weren’t able to locate a canister of PAM coconut oil spray, so you’d have to read the ingredients on that one at the store. Now, if your home was anything like mine growing up, PAM was essential to the cooking process and was stored in the cupboard right next to the stove.
While the meat is cooking, fire up your “veggie” pan and steam-sauté one veggie after another, using the same water.
Before you start cooking, set the mood my putting in your favourite tunes so cooking feels like a fun activity rather than a chore.
However, the propellants might throw off the Paleo perfectionists of the world, as you’re likely ingesting some amount of non-chlorofluorocarbon propellant. We say, cooking spray is not technically Paleo because it has unnatural additives, might be partially hydrogenated (trans fats!), and most brands contain soy!
However, if you’re looking at coconut oil spray as a transition away from canola spray, then we say go for it!

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