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Primal Pacs is excited to announce that we are moving to a new, bigger facility to respond to increased demand. I was lucky enough to receive a sample pack of Steve’s Original–í¬†goodies and we were not disappointed with any of their yummy offerings.
My kids LOVED everything we tried and Coby, my high school student, has made me promise to keep on ordering so that he can easily bring the Paleo Kits to school with him for lunch.
About Sarah FragosoSarah Fragoso is a dedicated wife and a mother of three who has succeeded in helping her own family find true health and wellness through living a paleo lifestyle.

I just came across this great gift list > Gifts That Will Make Your Paleo Friend Happy This Christmas. The Primal Pac brand also carries packages of just the jerky for those athletes and people on the go looking for a boost of healthy, nutrient dense protein. He loved how convenient it was to drop a Paleo Kit into his already stuffed back pack and have a portable lunch ready to go that required no thought to prepare.
MY husband and I just started Paleo again and this will definitely help with snacks and the occasional sweet tooth!!

I ordered some of the Paleo MRE’s to eat over in Afghanistan to supplement the not so paleo food served on my small FOB.

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