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Bone Broth, or more accurately stock made from the bones of healthy animals, is a gut-healing staple that everyone in the Paleo community, Weston A Price community and GAPS Diet followers can all wholeheartedly agree upon. In most places in the world other than the US, all different cultures appreciate and incorporate organ meats regularly into their diet. If you truly can’t handle some organ meats, egg yolks from pastured eggs are highly nutrient dense. Katy began her Paleo journey in late 2011 after losing 65 pounds on an elimination diet and discovering that she was gluten intolerant. Sign-up to stay up to date on NEW POSTS & RECIPES, events, exclusive COUPONS, and practical tips of our REAL LIFE APPROACH to a HEALTHY LIFE - delivered WEEKLY to your inbox!
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This recipe is another great one because the process is a little simpler than making kombucha, and it is a great substitute for that gross, corn syrup filled ginger ale most people drink when they are sick. Matt’s recipe is AH-mazing and has zero of that iron-y taste that is sometimes associated with liver. Although it might look strange at first, when cooked it is the most like any other muscle meat (because it is a muscle!). Not only are you getting in some organ meats, but you have the added benefit of the bone broth! Usually tougher cuts of meat are best in braised dishes because they need to cool for a long time, and it is also a way to utilize these cheaper cuts of meat. Eating a mostly Paleo diet has helped Katy maintain a healthy weight in addition to alleviating many chronic health problems such as migraines, heartburn, high blood sugar, depression, and acne, as well as diminish her struggles with PCOS.

Grass Fed Gelatin is also great for gut health and immunity, so make sure you check my Gelatin Round Up for 60+ recipes! There are a few others, such as giraffes, yaks, camels and antelopes, but we will just stick to recipes from those first four. Grass-fed meats are naturally high in zinc, CLA, Vitamin E, and Omega 3’s that help keep your immune system healthy, and when an item is braised, it naturally breaks down during the cooking process, allowing your body to digest it very easily and absorb all available nutrients!
But here are a collection of good tasting organ meat dishes and nutrient dense recipes to get you started without the fear.

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