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If you’re scrambling for a paleo breakfast option that isn’t scrambled eggs, look no further. This inventive recipe for paleo-friendly hummus will have your friends and family thinking it’s the standard chickpea spread. Energy bars are a great option for when you need to fuel up on-the-go, but most bars have oats, added sugars and preservatives. If you’re going paleo, there are still plenty of delicious recipes to make your tummy and taste buds happy.

These paleo-friendly date, almond and coconut bars take only 10 minutes to make, so you can easily whip some up whenever hunger strikes! Use coconut milk and grass-fed gelatin to get a creamy Greek-style yogurt that’s 100 percent paleo-friendly. The Paleo diet, which has gone from diet fad to lifestyle mainstay, is based on the philosophy that our bodies function best when fueled by foods accessible to humans who lived over 200,000 years ago. But for those looking to go paleo without compromising flavor or creativity, we’ve rounded up or favorite recipe substitutions (with paleo-friendly sample recipes to get you cooking).

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