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When the staff at the Kong Hans restaurant in Copenhagen decided to go on a Paleo diet they came up with a recipe for bread so delicious it has become a superstar and now the natural food stores in Denmark are having a hard time keeping the ingredients in stock. August 24, 2011 by Sarah Fragoso 136 Comments I recently posted on my Facebook page a quick recap of the recipe we created at home which was similar to what most folks recognize as a Lara Bar. The directions are the same for the first two recipes with only a couple minor differences for the coconut cherry bars. 1) In a food processor, pulse only the nuts and the sea salt until finely chopped but still chunky. 4) For the last recipe, add the coconut oil to the dates and cherries and process the three items together. 5) Add the date mixture to the nuts and use your hands to kneed the nuts and the dates together until well mixed (this is messy but fun).

Each recipe makes about 15 bars and I figured it cost approximately .50 cents per bar, so that’s about 45 bars for $22! About Sarah FragosoSarah Fragoso is a dedicated wife and a mother of three who has succeeded in helping her own family find true health and wellness through living a paleo lifestyle. I have been keeping them in a airtight container in the fridge and I have a feeling they would last a very long time being that it’s only fruit and nuts!!
I try not to get too caught up in the fructose argument but am curious about your thoughts, considering your recipes (and Lara Bars) are sweetened mostly using dates. You can easily adjust the recipe with your favorite nuts and seeds just keep the ratio at 2 cups nuts and 4 cups seeds. Yes nuts and seeds have fat and calories, but they also have fiber, protein and omegas… all you need is one toasted slice of this for breakfast and you are (power)full, happy and satisfied.

I stopped counting at 3000 for the loaf, before I even finished with the nuts, eggs, or oil. I just need to remind you to cut them into small squares, because they taste so good and you might end up eating more than you should.This recipe does contain dairy as I used butter in the honey mixture.

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  1. Podpolniy:
    Seeds are loaded with protein, fiber protein, fiber, phytosterols.
  2. lakidon:
    Vitamin E, copper, manganese, selenium, various B vitamins loaded with protein, fiber.