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These boxes from One Stop Paleo Shop contain my favorite ingredients and snacks for the AIP! Sugar alcohols (also called polyols, which are discussed again on pages 210-212 in The Paleo Approach) are hydrogenated forms of sugars, meaning that they contain a hydroxyl group, which is what makes them technically alcohols.
Nonnutritive sweeteners are substances that taste sweet but don’t provide substantial calories. In some people, the consumption of nonnutritive sweeteners causes the release of insulin in what is called cephalic phase insulin release.
Recent studies show that nonnutritive sweeteners have physiological effects that alter appetite and glucose metabolism.
The paleo treat community has expanded far more than I would have ever liked to see, simply because it distracts from the message and the consciousness that is eating food from the soil.. It look like Sarah has several citations on studies about the negative impact of nonnutritive sweeteners.
My original research into the dietary guidelines for those with autoimmune disease started with the recommendations in The Paleo Solution, The Paleo Answer, and various podcast and YouTube interviews with Robb Wolf, Prof. The first dietary recommendation for those with autoimmune disease is to adhere to a strict paleo diet with no cheating. Another great resource for reintroducing foods into your diet safely is Reintroducing Foods on the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol by Eileen Laird.
The detrimental health impact of high blood glucose levels and high blood insulin levels are detailed in The Paleo Approach.

Yes, even foods and tabletop sweeteners that are marketed as “natural sweeteners” (such as agave nectar and stevia) are not actually natural for our bodies.
There is evidence that these sweeteners bind to receptors on enteroendocrine cells (specialized cells in the gastrointestinal tract that interact with the endocrine system and secrete hormones) and pancreatic islet cells (cells in the pancreas that secrete the hormones insulin and glucagon).
Not only do those artificial sweeteners taste terrible, but they also wreak havoc on your body. But while transitioning off of so many other non paleo foods my cup of coffee in the morning is like a cup of happiness.
It provides expert tips on how to make the switch to The Paleo Approach easily and economically. Even if you have been following a paleo, primal, GAPS, SCD, or WAPF diet for a while, it is likely that you have not corrected nutrient deficiencies (if you had, you probably wouldn’t be reading this page).
The Paleo Approach will go into great detail about exactly why prioritizing sleep, managing stress, protecting circadian rhythms, and incorporating plenty of mild to moderately-intense activity (and avoiding strenuous activity) into your day is also exceptionally important. The only fruit to eat is from high fibre fruit and processed sugar of any kind is not on in a paleo diet. However, some sugar alcohols have been refined and purified for use as sweeteners, including sorbitol, mannitol, xylitol, and erythritol. By interacting with these endocrine cells, nonnutritive sweeteners can either stimulate or inhibit hormone secretion. I am a recovering (2 years) sugar addict and add very little sweetener to my treats and it is almost always in the form of honey or dates with an occassional maple syrup.

The only fruits or vegetables that are restricted on The Paleo Approach are nightshades and legumes. In fact, in animal studies, the consumption of nonnutritive sweeteners causes a significant increase in body weight even with no change in food intake, which implies that these sweeteners affect metabolism or hormones.
However, in the case of nonnutritive sweeteners, this causes hyperinsulinemia (because of the absence of elevated blood sugar), the effects of which were discussed starting on page 120 in The Paleo Approach. In particular, there is evidence that nonnutritive sweeteners cause an increase in the secretion of glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1; see this post on the Hormones of Hunger or see page 132 in The Paleo Approach) by enteroendocrine cells, which signals to the pancreas to increase the secretion of insulin and decrease the secretion of glucagon. I think it would be best to limit consumption of non-caloric sweeteners but I know that my body can’t handle maple syrup, honey, etc.
You should not endeavor to be in nutritional ketosis if you have an autoimmune disease (teaser excerpt from The Paleo Approach on this coming soon).
In fact, eating a large amount of vegetables is really important and I think that there are so many fears about which vegetables might be bad (starchy vegetables for SIBO, FODMAPs, Salicylates, histamines (teaser excerpt from The Paleo Approach on this coming soon), goitrogens, insoluble fiber, high sugar from fruit, etc.) that people under-eat fruits and vegetables to the detriment of their healing.

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