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It was once a craze favoured by healthfood nuts but ‘eating paleo’ is now a hugely popular lifestyle choice.
An Indian usually goes hand in hand with colossal servings of Naan bread and rice but Bombay Pantry have an entire page on their website dedicated to paleo.
With paleo fans using their ‘cheat meals’ when they go out for a fancy dinner not many high end restaurants are heavy on the healthy options. Eat Clean PaleoIt’s a website dedicated to Eating Clean and Paleo, so we called it eatcleanpaleo. Whether you're a full time paleo or not, you can't deny that the trend of eating paleo foods has become increasingly popular. If you have any favourite paleo friendly restaurants there were not mentioned above, please share them in the comments section below. Lovin Dublin is a new publication that celebrates the city of Dublin, the food that the city has to offer & the people that help shape it.
Fans of the paleo diet can often be identified by their impressive collections of Tupperware and the bags of nuts they’ll have stashed in their bag.
With coconut milk lattes and cakes supplied by Paleo Man Foods they certainly won’t make you feel like you’re on a diet.
It’s not that they have a separate menu but more that they’re highlighting the paleo friendly options on their menu and emphasising that they’re passionate about provenance and they make everything from scratch, including their own yoghurt. You might not expect a burrito joint to feature on a ‘healthy eating list’ but in January Pablo Picante announced the arrival of the ‘El Fresco Paleo Box’ at their Clarendon Street outlet and it’s a tasty looking box of goodness.
This is a home delivery service where you can get 12 paleo and low carb meals delivered to your door €90. Any paleo enthusiast worth their salt know it’s not hard to eat out on the paleo diet, you just flock to the nearest steakhouse.
Paleo fans know that the best way to stay compliant is to make it yourself.В  However, as it grows in popularity more and more Dublin restaurants are offering specific Paleo options. Staple FoodsВ in Temple Bar is serving top notch healthy food and they say that their focus is on Paleo,В vegan and dairy free diets so it’s definitely worth a try.

The Counter Burger:В At the Counter Burger you order by ticking your choices yourself on the menu.
We can’t wait to try them Emma, thanks for your comment and keep up the good work with the paleo options!
KaphJust because someone is Paleo, it doesn't mean that they don't enjoy a treat and a latte every now and then.
DuckDuck, the Hong Kong BBQ on Fade Street, is a great spot for paleos looking for something different. CrackbirdThe obvious choices at Crackbird for paleos are the roast chicken and the habanero honey wings, but the red cabbage, pomegranate and lime salad with the lemon garlic chicken broquettes is truly mouth watering!
KC PeachesIf you're looking for an easy, quick lunch that's paleo friendly then look no further than KC Peaches.
Staple FoodsA firm favourite around the city for healthy options, paleos can let loose in Staple Foods as there is so much on offer. They’ve gone to the effort of getting their beet box, power box and gym box salads endorsed by Crossfit, who are the biggest paleo fans of all. They have extensive Paleo options and they’ve even teamed up with Crossfit, who have endorsed several of their salad options. Check out the menu before you go though, as a lot of the dishesВ have corn, rice, beans, chickpeas and other ingredients that will trip the hardcore Paleo fans up. As well as Paleo compliant cakes from Paleo Man FoodsВ you’ll get to choose between coconut and almond milk.
Any Paleo enthusiast worth their salt know it’s not hard to eat out, you just hit the nearest steakhouse.
Top 10 Restaurants in Dublin For A Girls Night Out.About The AuthorThe Skinny BitchHer hobbies include going to the gym and talking about going to the gym. However, paleos don't always have the easiest time finding the best restaurants to eat out in. A great spot is Kaph on Drury Street which can make lattes with coconut milk and sell a variety of paleo cakes.

You're essentially eating a plate of meat which will please many paleos, the pulled pork and the brisket are our favourite items on the menu. One of the best meals I've had out in Dublin has been while destroying a platter of the London broil steak with friends. But with increased demand comes increased supply andВ more and more Dublin restaurants are offering specific paleo options.
With toppings like caramelized chilli banana and peanut chilli sauce Jo Burger is the home of the most decadent burgers in Dublin.
They’ve also got the option of sweet potato fries so Paleo fans are catered for again. This is a solid choice if you have a mixed group of people with some eating Paleo and some not. We decided to do all the hard work for you and put together the top 10 paleo restaurants in Dublin. Clement & Pekoe on South William Street also sell a selection of paleo cakes to accompany their tasty coffees and teas.
The crispy pork belly and cantonese duck are amazing, get one of them with a side of asian greens and you won't spoil your paleo diet one bit. Order the green bean and egg salad and the garlic spinach as sides, paleo friendly and you'll feel like you've indulged just as much as your wheat eating friends! Best of all for the Paleos among us all their sides are sold separately so you can choose spinach or a side salad and avoid arguments with the waiter about whether or not he can swap the fries for something else.
In terms of toppings there are about four options on the menu that are Paleo compliant, or you can build your own.

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