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Celebrities such as Jessica Biel and Miley Cyrus have come out as fans, while the bloggers Sarah Fragoso, of Everyday Paleo, and Diane Sanfilippo, of Balanced Bites, boast tens of thousands of followers on Twitter.
Meanwhile, on my high-in-wholegrain-and-dairy and low-in-meat-and-fat diet, I was tired, moody, 10lb overweight and always craving pasta or chocolate.
This certainly rings true for me: my grandmother, like me, would far rather have gnawed on a chicken bone than picked at a cherry sponge, so perhaps I was destined to find the paleo diet appealing all along.
In its 2013 ranking of 28 diets, which took into account safety, nutrition, weight loss and the effects on diabetes and heart disease, the influential US News & World Report placed paleo joint last (with the Dukan Diet).

According to Marlene Zuk, a professor of ecology, evolution and behaviour at the University of Minnesota and the author of the book Paleofantasy, the very idea that we haven’t evolved for 10,000 years is itself suspect.
This generally means they are less hungry between meals because the protein sustains them longer than carbohydrate. Briffa and other paleo nutritionists claim that the gluten in wheat, barley and rye can trigger an immune response, with all sorts of ill effects, from headaches to fatigue and musculoskeletal pains, in those with a sensitivity to it. Online, you’ll find a barrage of claims about paleo curing everything from depression to autism.

Briffa and Sanfilippo, meanwhile, credit them with helping clients with rheumatoid arthritis and even multiple sclerosis. Paleos believe only about 40 per cent of people continue to produce lactase, the enzyme needed to digest lactose, in adulthood.

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