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A lot of you have been asking me to post my paleo meatloaf recipe that I talk about here on Fit & Awesome, so here it is! I haven’t tried adding mushrooms the the recipe before but it sounds like it would be really good. Post in comments any modifications you make to this recipe or awesome ways you use the leftovers in your lunches! I was stuck at work longer than I had planned so the meatloaf was in the slow-cooker for 7 hours instead of the recommended 4-6.
Only a bit worried, my kitchen smelled fantastic when I got home but when I looked in the pot, I saw something that resembled Turkey Meatloaf Soup. When I cook some vegetables in the crockpot they often stay more crunchy than I would like, even though they’ve been cooking a long time. This is an adaptation of a recipe I learned from my friend Jamie on Twitter who has a blog called Crossfit Travels.

I’ve done this recipe with ground turkey and most recently with grass-fed ground beef. If you are interested in more paleo recipes check out more–í¬†Recipes on my site and my list of Paleo recommended cookbooks.
Since the meatloaf was too big for my crock pot, I decided to make half of it in the oven per your instructions in one of the comments, and the other half in the crockpot.
I was just wondering if you have the nutritional facts on this recipe (aka protein, carb, fat breakdown) or am I the only dumb one who doesn’t just calculate it for all the ingredients and then just divide it by equal sizes (the most likely being portions based on weight). When cooking a meatloaf with a higher fat content in your slow cooker, you will simply have some of the fat pool at the bottom and it may look unappealing in addition to having a looser texture to the loaf.
The good news is that it works great for a meatloaf, which in turn works great for all sorts of easy leftovers. Not sure if molasses and mustard are Paleo, but I’m not strict, just avoiding grains and legumes.

A moist meatloaf is great, but more fat than you might need and you’ll end up with a sloppy bottom. I hope you are going to break in that slow cooker with more of my recipes and then develop a healthy obsession for slow cooking. You can just as well use ground beef or pork (or a mixture) for your slow cooker meatloaf, yet do use a very lean cut. This is a good recipe to get the kids in the kitchen to help with, especially for when you need to mix all the ingredients together by hand.

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