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The Paleo Parents have got the art of meeting paleo dieters’ needs down to a science. We’ve got over 50 recipes, including some of our fan favorites and many new recipes – like this Perfect Roast Beef (not) Deli Meat!
Steph Gaudreau from Stupid Easy Paleo has a fantastic tortilla recipe, too—go take a look-see!
At last, quality ingredients and freeze dried convenience combine to create delicious, healthy, and paleo-friendly backpacking meals.
A relatively new company based out of Denver, Colorado called Paleo Meals to Go has launched a line of dehydrated dinners, lunches, and breakfast options that are completely paleo.
I recently took a packet of the Paleo Meals to Go Savory Chicken & Vegetables with me on a routine practice hike with my kids.
One of the benefits of not having any pasta or rice as part of the meal is that the rehydration time is significantly faster. I think I have your email so let me send you some links that I have to digital versions of some popular paleo cook books.

Smart, beautiful, practical, and tasty, Paleo to Go is the book I was waiting for to make eating paleo away from home not just a breeze, but a delight. Upon our entrance into the paleo scene in 2010, we have been asked countless times how we make it actually work. As you can imagine, over 4 years we’ve answered the question on just how to make paleo work on-the-go a myriad of ways –including several episodes of our podcast, video blogs, blog posts and more. These lunchbox-packing gurus tackle plenty of tough subjects in this helpful book, including allergy avoidance and assembling complete meals in three easy steps.
But please give me some feedback about what you’d like to see in future Paleo Lunchboxes in the comments section, and tell me all about the new and creative lunch ideas you’ve dreamed up! The book covers both how we recommend avoiding allergens, as well as our work-around recommendations for replacing common troublesome paleo ingredients (like almond flour and eggs). With a list of common and our favorite paleo foods as well as printables for your fridge to create your own favorite lists, lunch never has to be a struggle again!
Okay—let’s jump into our handy-dandy time machine and visit the series of Paleo lunches I made with LunchBots way back in 2012!

Another benefit of eating paleo has been a reduction in overall joint pain and inflammation. We always eat healthy meals and we always eat dinner together as a family, but in the hustle and bustle out the door to school and work often means “grab and go” food for breakfast and lunch. Some of the ingredients for the recipes I never heard of like Moroccan seasoning,cauliflower rice, raw almond meal, macadamia nut oil,Himalayan rock salt, and cashew cream. When we travel we like to feel our best, which means continuing to make the best food choices we can. That means you’re still getting processed food products, possible GMO (due to the food source for the meat animals), hormones, antibiotics, etc.

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