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Designed to help promote an optimal intake of protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals needed for overall wellness.Click here to view label. While using this as a baseline, keep in mind that fat calories are more dense than protein or carbohydrate calories, therefore it won’t seem like 60% of your calories come from fats.
Building your meals around a protein source enables you to learn to В use your appetite rather than a food scale.. To add to this – Many of the best protein sources are also some of the best dietary fat sources as well. Knowing your macronutrient ratios and how to piece foods into your meal plan in accordance within these ratios is only half of the battle.
And here is where we go back to why protein is the first building block, or piece of the puzzle.
Figure out the foods that you want to use a protein sources and eat 3-4 fist size potions everyday.
So, the second macronutrient is fit into the meal in a way that balances with the first, protein.

So, invest in your nutritional knowledge base, and use the Paleo meal plan framework that we just discussed to build dietary Paleo habits that make sense for your lifestyle. Then at the very core of your dietary strategy should be learning to manipulate the ratios and timing of your carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. If that were the case, you’d most likely want to eat a higher percentage of proteins. The main one being that, it’s easy to establish your protein needs using one simple trick. Building your meals around your protein source will allow you to factor in those animal fats when piecing together the other two components of your Paleo meal. Conversely, some of your meals should consist solely of a protein and fat source ( these are ideal meals to have in the evening closer to bed time ). You should be able to fit this piece of the puzzle in with the protein and fats that are already in place, by this point. When adding the fat portions to your meals always consider the fat content of your meat or protein portions..

Each serving of meat that you consume per meal should be approximately the size of your fist.
That alone will be your meal, as you won’t always need a fruit or starch carbohydrate source. Just remember to eat fruits at the right times throughout the day and you really shouldn’t ever need to eat more than one whole piece of fruit per meal. Manipulating this biological truth is the key to allowing you build a sensible and effective Paleo diet meal plan, without the normal difficulties associated with dieting.

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