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Now place a large skillet under medium heat, add your coconut oil and once your pan is nice and hot, add your sliced plantains into the oil.
Add a dollop of plantain mash to your plate, top with pork, and add a little avocado just for sh*ts a giggles. I’m relatively new to the Paleo lifestyle, but I must say your recipes and humor filled writings have made it an easy transition. I have to tell you, I am really considering turning to the Paleo lifestyle and your yummy recipes show me that this can be fun and tasty!
The plantains are definetly pretty sweet so next time I think I’ll add green plantains, but I loved the cinnamon with them!

Mofongo Puerto Rican Style Plantains are a paleo friendly , delicious, sub for mashed potatoes. While the food processor is still running, pour in your coconut milk until you get a smooth plantain puree. Does it matter if your ingrediants are still hot like the plantains to put in the processor. The peels pop open when the plantains are done and it was so easy to remove the plantain and mash it up with the cilantro, garlic, and cooked bacon. Wedge your fingers or a spoon between plantain and the peel ,then slide down until each scored section of the peel comes off.* might take a little practice.

Place plantains back in the warm pot and mash with a potato masher or electric hand beater.

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