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Some claim that the paleolithic diet is the solution to a vast range of ailments; from obesity to cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and evenВ autoimmune disorders.
At the recent Health and Wellbeing Expo in New York, the ‘Godfather’ of Paleo, Loren Cordain, presented his ‘evolution-ary’ basis for following the diet of our forefathers. Followers of the Paleo Diet claim that due to our bodies being slow to adjust, our metabolic system has been unable to adapt to the changes in the different foods which have become available since the advent of modern agriculture (1). Robb Wolf, a research biochemist and previous student of Professor Cordain, runs a hugely successful website, podcast and publishing company on the back of the Paleo diet (from which he no doubt makes a generous profit). Autoimmune disease is a so-called  feed-forward-mechanism, where an external trigger starts an automated process without regard for whether or not the outcome is beneficial.
In the study they reported the positive health markers of the paleolithic civilisations,В such as lower systolic blood pressure, lower fasting insulin concentrations, lower BMI and lower fractureВ rates. I cannot tell you whether or not to choose a paleolithic lifestyle, as different approaches will have dissimilar effects on each and every one of us. In my next article I will, in honour of Movember, explore research behind the correlation behind dairy consumption and the prevalence of prostate cancer -so make sure you check back in a few days time for some shocking facts! It’s great to hear that your health has improved since you started following a gluten free diet, I am pleased to hear it’s really working for you! I’d like to explore some of the claims proponents of the diet are making, in particularВ the suggestion that following a Paleo diet can heal a damaged gut.

The since familiar symbol became an icon for families striving to follow a healthyВ balanced diet, and was used as a basis for nutritional values throughout public institutions.
Through choosing to avoid the ‘staple’ foods such as grains and breads, which form the basis of our everyday meals, The Paleo diet essentially flips the healthy-food pyramid which we have so far used as a basis for healthy living, on its head. On his website’s main page he lists associated benefits of the Paleo Diet for diabetic patients, patients with cardiovascular disease (CVD) and autoimmune disorders. In coeliac disease, gluten is the trigger that sets of a physical response in which the body damages its own tissue. Recent estimates suggest the incidence of autoimmune disease at 16% in the United States, and coeliac prevalence alone has seen a 400% increase in the last 50 years.
Further anthropological reports suggest the hunter-gatherers had lower incidence of chronicВ degenerative diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, CVD, and cancer (3) in line with the claims of the PaleoВ Dieters. No definite study exists that can adequately prove an increase in lifespan by following the paleolithic diet.
The paleo diet has elements to it that make a lot of sense, and which could certainly benefit your health, then yet again other claims need more investigation before they can be considered plausible. Personally I like the premise of the Paleolithic diet; the focus on consuming lean meats and vegetables, and avoiding highly processed ‘junk’ foods, resonates well with my personal approach to nutrition.
The resulting inflammationВ from the over-activity of our immune system may cause a variety of further symptoms (Learn the most important coeliac disease facts here).

TheВ researchers propose that a diet following the pre-modern agricultural lifestyle would reduce the risk ofВ chronic degenerative diseases.
The Visser study may also offer some support to the claims of the Paleo Diet through the exclusionВ of grains, which leads to reduced exposure to the prolamins in grains such as wheat, rye and barley.
However there are some quite wild claims to the benefits of the PaleoВ Diet, so I figured I would address these questions here.
He explains that the Paleo Diet is based on the foundation principle thatВ because the human genome has changed little between the present day man and the hunter-gatherersВ 10,000 years ago, our nutritional requirements are almost identical to the pre-modern-agricultural man. To date there is no study that proves a definite link between a paleolithic diet and the eradication of autoimmune disease, CVD or diabetes. However, we shouldn’t be too quick to ignore what seems to be a valid correlation between the consumption of certain food products and the manifestation of autoimmune diseases.

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