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But since going Paleo, I’ve had to change the recipe to get rid of the regular dairy cheese. He currently leads Product for Tasteful, the startup behind the healthy-food finding app Paleo Digest and has spent time at Strava and Intuit.
Just a few months after going paleo, I had lost weight and the constant headaches, body aches and stomach issues that had plagued my college years were gone. It is no secret that being a teenager and living with a chronic illness can be tough, but through the use of a personalized Paleo diet and lifestyle, I have found a stronghold that has enabled me to fight back against the seemingly incurable Chronic Lyme Disease.

It was during these months of desperately searching for a way to simply get through each day that I found the Paleo diet. Even better than the healing benefits of a Paleo diet, are the people I have met along the way.
Battling Chronic Lyme Disease definitely keeps me from living a normal, healthy teenage life. Because of this, attending the Paleo f(x)в„ўВ conference has been on the top of my list since I heard about it, because these people have become a strong support system of encouragement as I fight back against Lyme.

With the leading Paleo speakers, physicians, and bloggers all together in one place, I see Paleo f(x)в„ў as the ultimate place to expand my primal knowledge for food, the human body, and life as we know it, while also getting to know those on similar journeys towards health.

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