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I’ve made so many batches of granola bars that I’m surprised anybody dared to eat these at all. Not to mention OAT FREE and pretty nearly paleo (depends if you eat honey, nuts, and peanut butter). Thanx so much for the delicious recipe i substituted the peanut butter with almond butter and used organic honey to make it more paleo and it was a succes!
Whole seeds, nuts, shredded coconut and mini chocolate chips combined with almond butter, flax meal, coconut oil and maple syrup make these bars super tasty and fully loaded with vitamins, minerals, and real, usable calories. I’ll show you exactly how to make these yummy granola bars in the video below…Enjoy!
I’ve also thought about using mini-muffin tins to make granola bar “bites” instead of bars.
With another sheet of parchment (just so you don’t get your hands sticky), press FIRMLY all over the granola.

After you cut it lengthwise, cut each rectangle horizontally into as many bars as you’d like.
Note: If you want your bars to be crunchier, cook your honey mixture a bit longer before mixing it into your fruit and nuts. I love granola bars so much but whenever i try to make or follow a recipe, I can not get them stay and shape. Here are the cool step by step directions (because obviously granola bars are just so hard to make).  Actually, I just felt like taking pictures when I made these. Here’s a wholesome version of the packaged-and-pumped-full-of-sugar-and-gluten granola bars that the kids love! Place the entire cutting board into the fridge for 15 minutes — this is an important step that will ensure that your bars harden completely and do not crumble.
He was diagnosed celiac 4 months ago and gluten free granola bars and extensive and not exactly delicious.

Thank you for this recipe I just started the Paleo diet, and this will be great go-to snack when I’m craving something sweet.
Share these bars with your close friends, and enjoy along with them a delicious and crunchy treat! That we can put in a container in our greasy lunch bag and take all the way up to the ski area and toss around and shake the container for fun and still have a granola bar.

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