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I’ve decided to start a bit of a series of FAQ posts since it seems like a good idea to get some of these questioned answered up in writing to share with my readers, and for you all to share with others who likely ask the same questions of you. I created these lists primarily for those of you out there who are athletes or who are looking to put on some weight with adding calories and carbs. These are recommended for pre-workout glycogen storage and as glycogen replacement to your muscles post-workout if you’ve completed a longer, endurance-based training session. I would not recommend quinoa for him, no, due to the high saponin content and the fact that there are better, more nutrient dense options out there. Personally I have oats (not paleo, I know) in my egg stir fry every morning when I have a weight lifting workout during the day. When you train, you incur microscopic damage to muscle tissue, and the goal of protein intake in your post-workout nutrition (and frankly, the rest of your diet) is to provide substrate to begin the rebuilding it. To maximize muscle repair and growth—important processes for all athletes regardless of sport—adequate intake of nutrient-dense dietary protein from animal sources provides the best bank of the amino acids needed for these mechanisms. Gelatin, while it is rich in amino acids, does not contain the ones needed to build and repair muscle, and athletes need to make wise choices in the post-workout window; eating gelatin instead of meat, eggs, seafood or even a supplement such as whey protein is not one of them. To read more about the importance of protein for athletic performance and how much to eat, check out my ebook, The Paleo AthleteВ and for recipes, check out my print book, The Performance Paleo Cookbook!
If you'd like to share my recipes or photos on your blog, please use the contact form to send me a message first! Immediate Post-workout recovery drink- HOME BREW (recipe in The Paleo Diet for Athletes) – cantaloupe, egg white protein powder and glucose. Raisins (to restore body alkalinity, continue to help the body recover post workout, and prepare for the session later in the day). Natural unsweetened applesauce with chopped egg whites (to prepare for 2nd workout of the day-shift from the usual Paleolithic macronutrient ratio to the pre-workout focus on carbohydrates).

Sixty-minute track workout-hard, fast intervals; carbohydrate gel taken immediately post as recovery.
Nell Stephenson is a competitive Ironman athlete, personal trainer, and a health and nutrition consultant. As a highly competitive athlete, training with ultra high intensity I am very intrigued and adhere to Paleo principles.
Put Paleo into action with The Paleo Diet Cookbook and eat your way to weight loss, increased energy, and lifelong health-while enjoying delicious meals.
The material on this web site is provided for educational purposes only and is not to be used for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
I love your blob particularly out of all the paleo ones out there My whole family eat with a paleo orientation. Several people were wondering, why fruits are not ideal for Crossfit or HIIT training but suitable for endurance training. Eating whole sources of animal protein will always provide the best nutrition bang for the buck, and protein supps. Loren Cordain’s The Real Paleo Diet Cookbook with 250 Paleo recipes prove following The Paleo Diet is as delicious and inspiring as it is healthy. I'll tell you what, it's been a HECTIC few weeks for me as I work with Pat Flynn from Chronicles of Strength to put the final touches on Birth of a Hero, Volume 2 to be released next Tuesday.
However, for many people, increased carbohydrate intake seems to increase their appetite as well as the physiological response of insulin, our storage hormone for nutrients. Pure starch is easy to digest for most people, but some people ARE still sensitive to rice starch, so just be in tune with your body and how you handle it.
Yes, gelatin has amino acids, but when you look closely, there are some reasons it can’t substitute as a proper protein source for post-workout recovery.

To support her training for the Ironman Triathlon, Nell has tried many different nutritional plans and has found that the Paleo Diet is superior to all other ways of eating.
Carbs post workout is a good plan, but consider training a bit less- your return will be just as good if not better when you get adequate recovery. So great job I know the benefits of gelatin and have even thought “hmmm that would be good post workout!” without even thinking of the types of amino acids in contained!
I wondered if it would be okay to introduce occasionally for him- he seems to be always hungry, even when I fill him with those carbs mentioned above.
I would either combine it with whey, as you mentioned, or add it in throughout the day in the form of bone broth or gummies.
I recommend comparing 100g servings as a calibration, then look to a 1-cup serving for something of a more practical measure in your daily life.
In addition to BCAA, glutamine and arginine and occasional creatine cycling, is it advisable for me to be consuming a whey protein.
I wish to keep my body as clean, alkaline and invigorated as possible for peak physical and cognitive performance.
Despite these different needs all athletes share a few things: Means of optimizing performanceMethods for improving recovery The Paleo diet is the perfect solution for both performance and recovery.
Some athletes may find they require two protein+carbohydrate meals to optimize recovery from particularly grueling work or multi-session training days.

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