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I’m excited to be guest posting on The Paleo Mom today with my Filipino Chicken Adobo recipe. I’ve also selected 3 additional winners to receive a signed copy of One-Pot Paleo – Joie Toscano, Elizabeth Curry and Jennifer Reed! I started the Paleo Food Kitchen to share my recipes with family and friends, and also utilize the site as a way to keep myself on track and to connect with fellow Paleo friends who have provided daily doses of inspiration and motivation as I make this journey towards a Paleo lifestyle.

When I am not in the kitchen whipping up a feast, I enjoy traveling, Broadway musicals, and swinging kettlebells. I embraced the Paleo lifestyle when I read a book about the numerous health benefits of eating real while foods.
The entire Paleo Parents team spends a LOT of time crushing on other paleo food bloggers….

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  1. Leonardo_dicaprio:
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