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In Indianapolis, Shelby Malaterre worked in the food industry for almost 10 years before going Paleo himself and then starting the Caveman Truck.
From the Paleo Wagon in Colorado to the brick and mortar Corner Table in Houston, chefs are beginning to successfully incorporate quality and health into menus that traditionally lacked both. Like many cities across the US, Seattle has seen a huge increase in the popularity of CrossFit gyms over the past decade. Chefs Marizel Yuen and Charles Aguiling actually met at King CrossFit gym in Renton, a working-class suburb south of Seattle. After taking the Paleo principles preached at the gym to heart, Charles dropped close to 40 pounds. And for both Marizel and Charles, eating Paleo was a matter of swimming upstream against both popular American cuisine as well as their Filipino food traditions heavy on rice, noodles, and sweet baked goods.
With a little success under their belts, they decided, in 2012, to launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to purchase a truck. Finally, in July 2013, Marizel and Charles secured the parking break and rolled open the window of their new food truck, Outside the Box.

At first, the chefs were serving items like grass-fed beef sliders on Paleo-friendly buns, but they discovered that made-to-order items meant mega-long wait times for customers. To the contrary, most customers are corporate workers who are already familiar with a Paleo diet and seek out the truck. We are Louise and Jeremy, and we believe in eating Real Food, treating the cause of an illness rather than medicating the symptoms, and in the power of YOU to take control of your own health.
Back when we were kids, the ice cream truck was the closest most of us came to a mobile food vendor.
Note: Food truck locations and hours of operation can change, so be sure to check each truck’s Twitter feed before heading out the door. Bright lemon yellow food truck Caravan Crepes is a kid-magnet and a cheery contrast to rainy days.
Possessing a name kids will unquestionably love (rivaled only by Cheese Wizards and Happy Grillmore) with food to match,В How Pickle Got Out of a JamВ debuted at this year’s Mobile Food Rodeo May 5 in Fremont. But with the food truck trend bringing colorful bites to dozens of parking lots in Seattle and on the Eastside, it’s a great time to be a kiddo in Seattle.

There’s not a trace of processed food, added sugar, gluten or dairy on the menu, but you will find simple, inventive plates that are big on flavor: Kids might just think that pureed cauliflower covered with coconut milk is actually rice. Sign up for our picks for the best things to see, do, eat and explore with your kids in Seattle.
Since restaurants on wheels specialize in churning out fast eats, it’s common to find a plethora of quick-to-prepare melty grilled cheese sandwiches and mondo biscuits coming from food truck kitchens around town. Until the food truck rolls out a regular schedule, Outside the Box currently offers a weekly meal delivery service, with prepared eats delivered to your door on Sundays. Charles makes an addictive Paleo version of sriracha hot sauce, and Marizel has developed several varieties of muffins using coconut flour for customers needing a chocolate fix.
But parents on-the-go and on-the-hunt for healthier options from street food purveyors will need do a little searching to find nutritious options.

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