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As part of my shifting gears and staying motivated project, I’ve found that in order for me to make the most of my diet and maintain a heightened awareness when it comes to my food choices, food journaling is the key. I’ve challenged myself over the last week to track everything I eat in my food journal to make it easier for me to put all the nutritional pieces together.
Track the time, quantity (roughly), food, type of food – fruit, vegetable, protein, fat, etc, and the symptoms you experienced after your meal.

Please understand that there are no bad foods or bad days, and that these days are just as important to report as the good days. Food journaling has already been so useful in helping me understand the weaknesses in my diet, areas for improvement and my strengths when it comes to making healthful choices that are right for my body. Set aside a couple of minutes a day to enter your foods into your journal and keep track of how you feel after you eat; how you feel after a meal is the most important part and will tell you far more than you realize.

The whole reason behind food journaling is to begin to understand why we made these choices, so write it all down!

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