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Fans of paleo get used to cooking from scratch and eating at home, because that’s the only way to avoid the soybean oil, grains, chemicals, sugar, and dairy products that are everywhere in restaurant cooking.
Chipotle is a favorite among the paleo set, and for good reason: it serves fresh and flavorful foods with a variety of meats and vegetables.
When eating out, you can pretty much always find a salad with some healthy vegetables and possibly healthy proteins as an option. This is a decent option as well but it might just be a pricier way to get the meat and guac bowl or the salad we talked about above.
While the meat isn’t grass-fed, it is free of preservatives and filler and is definitely a higher grade than the meat at other fast food places.
Over the last few months, the UPG Team has been putting together Paleo Local – an awesome directory of paleo-friendly restaurants in major cities around the world.
I started Ultimate Paleo Guide to help people get healthy and eat better by making paleo simple by learning the basics of the paleo diet. Since we’re about to enter into the time of the year when food temptations are everywhere, I decided to set some nutrition and fitness goals.

At most fast food restaurants, you’re stuck with ground beef or chicken, but at Chipotle you have the choice of marinated chicken, steak, barbacoa (which is a spicy, shredded, slow-roasted beef), and carnitas (which is roast pork). There are some that believe it is acceptable to eat out as long as it is the food is "somewhat" paleo-friendly. Carrying your own dressing in a container like this one will make sure you can use your own paleo dressing, as most restaurants tend to not have the best options. Chipotle also does a good job of sourcing its food and you can see all the ingredients they use here. When he's not eating 80% paleo, he's challenging himself to do the impossible and build other Impossible Ventures. The only options on their menu are fried (battered) tenders, french fries, coleslaw, and bread. Ever since then, I've dedicate my life to becoming bigger, faster, and stronger through a lot of research, dedication, and hard work. Cooking for yourself is almost always healthier than buying food but if you do find yourself in a pickle, here are some great options.

You can go the traditional paleo route and get an Angus burger with bacon or a grilled chicken sandwich, no bun, or you can try one of the many salads McD’s has added to its menu recently, topped with chicken.
While there are not many paleo fast-food or restaurant options, you can usually find something close to paleo if you choose wisely and make special requests. The shake does have whey in it though, along with a tiny bit of quinoa, so it would not be considered Paleo.
The fact is, the determined paleo eater, like his caveman forebears, can find something good to eat almost anywhere.
Some restaurants are starting to offer paleo menus, so check around in your city to see what is available.

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