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Physicians, biochemists, nutritionists, and other researchers are starting to come around to the benefits of ancestral nutrition, and people who adopt a Paleo-like approach to eating are reporting significant improvements in their general health, body composition, and energy levels. Certainly, if you’re on a weight-loss journey, suffering from an immunological disorder, or committing to a 30-day dietary re-set (like the Whole30), a super-strict, orthodox approach to Paleo may be the perfect starting point for you. Too many folks think the Paleo approach to eating is about deprivation, and that all we eat is ground beef with a side of steamed broccoli.
The Paleo diet, aka the “caveman” diet, sounds…interesting… This diet is nicknamed the caveman diet because you literally eat like a caveman – veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, meat, and fish. Anyone who is looking for a lifestyle change should challenge themselves with the paleo diet. Many folks seem to think that eating Paleo means going super-duper low-carb and consuming gobs and gobs of meat and animal fat. If years of unhealthy eating have wrecked your metabolism and you’re carrying around extra body fat, switching to a Paleo lifestyle will certainly help your body composition and overall health.
I hope the writing, photographs, and recipes on Nom Nom Paleo will engage your palate and provide you with inspiration to make this way of eating as fun for you and your loved ones as it is for me and mine.

That’s why the Paleo approach emphasizes returning to a more ancestral approach to eating. There are Paleo eaters who can’t imagine life without dairy, and more orthodox folks who refuse to touch even a pat of butter with a ten-foot pole. But as a general matter, my diet is not about strictly, slavishly, and mindlessly mimicking the diets of our Paleolithic ancestors. But what they mean is that they can’t conceive of Paleo food being anywhere near as scrumptious as their weekly meals at the local greasy spoon, or as satisfying as the crinkly bag of half-eaten fluorescent cheese poofs on the floor of their car. But the point of eating Paleo is not to shed as many pounds as possible so that you can fit into the jeans you wore in high school. Due to the sudden drop-off in dietary carbohydrates, folks who are used to mainlining pasta and sugar often report that they feel terrible for the first couple of weeks after going Paleo.
The Paleo diet may feel restrictive at first, but if you have an open mind and adventurous palate, you’ll soon find that this way of eating offers infinite variety, flavors, and nourishment. To get people to maintain a Paleo lifestyle, it’s important to show how the food that fuels them can be healthy AND insanely good.

The challenge is that we have been eating so much bread, dairy, and processed foods that when we cut ourselves off from them completely it is like a drug addict entering rehab. Giving ourselves wiggle room as we begin a paleo lifestyle is essential in continuing our paleo journey, whether it be for 30 days or an entire year. I recommend using this method or a similar one to keep yourself on track and motivated to keep eating paleo. Grains are a go-to food in our culture – sandwiches, pasta, bagels – I didn’t realize how many grains I was eating an a daily basis before. I decided to start eating a ¼ of a cup of oatmeal in the mornings and that has seemed to help with the lightheadedness.

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