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I actually made this as a refreshing non-alcoholic drink, but the idea of adding alcohol to this drink definitely crossed my mind while I was savoring it!
Tea is a great option on Paleo, and it’s especially great if you make you own fresh tea from various herbs.
These Paleo drinks are all made to the specification of the Paleo diet, and in many cases will provide you with nourishment and nutrients far more than most non-Paleo beverages. There’s a mild debate going as to whether almond milk is Paleo or not, but you can put the entire debate to rest by making your own almond milk at home. They’ve gone all out with this detox juice, and this is something you can drink whenever you feel like your body needs a bit of cleansing.
Staring at a plateful of greens can be daunting, and drinking them down can take just a few seconds. This hot chocolate will help you brave a long cold winter while on Paleo, without having to break your promise to yourself to stick with it. When it comes to making Paleo drinks it’s good to have a few recipes in your back pocket that you just know how to make. By now you probably know that mall food is not Paleo food, so Orange Julius is off the menu. Root vegetables are Paleo approved, because it wouldn’t take much to pull them from the ground and get them ready to eat as a forager in Paleo times.
It doesn’t take long for Paleo chefs to add bacon to a recipe because bacon is on the menu on this diet plan. Here’s an amazing Paleo drink that uses a unique assortment of ingredients to bring you something that you likely haven’t tried before, at least not this particular arrangement.
Here’s a fun drink to make if you want to baffle or impress your friends, depending on their knowledge of Japanese trends. Please note that all recipes and images are the intellectual property of Paleo Cupboard and they may not be copied or distributed without consent.
But, I love trying random new foods, so I picked one of these drinks up in Whole Foods despite its rather hefty price tag. And if you’re wondering whether alcohol is Paleo or not, then you should take a look at this great video. That’s one thing you’ll soon learn about Paleo, it almost always means you’re getting a higher quality food item, one that promotes good health and wellbeing rather than being a detriment.

This lets you have quality control and makes sure that your almond milk is indeed Paleo and from a trusted source.
Since many Paleo food recipes don’t use fruit, it’s important to find drink recipes like this one that can give you a serving of fruit without being a meal. Alcohol isn’t recommended while on the Paleo diet, as it’s not something our Paleolithic ancestors had discovered, and the effects of what alcohol does to the body are well documented. This drink has beets and carrots as well as ginger for the roots, and an apple thrown in for good measure and to make it taste better. The pumpkin comes from pumpkin puree, and as always on Paleo it’s best if you make your own using actual pumpkin rather than going with the canned version.
They’ve figured out a way to provide an herbal-based coffee drink that doesn’t use any coffee beans at all. There are bits of coffee jelly in this drink which may sound a little strange at first, but once you try it you’ll be hooked, and you’ll be making this more often than you’d care to admit.
Yellow watermelon is something to behold, and if you can stop yourself from eating it long enough to use it in this drink consider yourself a warrior when it comes to willpower.
I love helping people discover new paleo recipes and enjoy giving helpful tips on the Paleo diet. As you know, conventional sodas aren’t allowed on Paleo due to obscene amount of sugars they contain, so having a beverage like this that lets you indulge in a soda-like experience is important on a psychological level. The drink is billed as being helpful in smoothing out the skin, and that’s what happens when superfoods start mingling together, good things are usually the result.
They provide the steps on how to make almond milk, and then how to spice it up so it becomes its own beverage that you’ll want to drink straight. Even though it’s pretty easy to make a Paleo friendly pie, sometimes it’s just better to have a smoothie instead. Suffice it to say that it contains some vitamins and minerals, and is something Paleolithic man would have explored if they came upon some in the wild. All that’s required is stopping the influx of toxins, something the Paleo diet does naturally, and providing the body with what it needs. A funny thing happens on Paleo though, if you used to drink alcohol regularly and start doing Paleo you may notice that you just don’t have the desire for it anymore, and instead reach for healthier alternatives to relax and unwind. The coconut milk gives it the milky consistency it needs and is full of flavor, the cocoa powder makes it so there isn’t any added preservatives or chemicals, and the honey sweetens it so you’ll actually want to drink it.

That makes it a win-win for you, because you get a drink that really quenches your thirst, and at the same time your body is thanking you for the influx of vitamins and minerals.
Yes, those are the same sort of chia they make Chia Pets out of, but the seeds are actually really good for you and contain omega-3s, something you will want to get enough of while eating paleo.
The secret is the use of herbal roots that have been ground into a powder and then mixed into a drink. It’s a pretty popular beverage in Japan and it conforms to the Paleo way of eating – and drinking. You can invite your non-Paleo friends over and they can have their daiquiri with alcohol while you just sip on a fruity drink that won’t ruin your dieting plans. The use of a sparkling mineral water makes this a novelty to drink, and you have to give your mind treats like this that convince it you’re not keeping anything from it, especially if you used to be a big soda drinker.
With 470+ easy-to-prepare Paleo recipes in 17 comprehensive categories it is the only Paleo book you will ever need.
I have been making a living writing about the Paleo Diet for the last year and have never been happier.
Overall a feel good shake that you can drink with no regrets, and no worries that it’s going to do your body any sort of harm.
You can also use the remaining almond milk in all sorts of Paleo recipes as a substitute for cow’s milk.
They can also help with the lymphatic system, and this is a great drink to have during the winter months when these sort of root vegetables are meant to be consumed. Please read about my journey here and see how I turned my passion for the Paleo lifestyle into a successful blog and career. Paleo is all about fulfilling your natural urges, not stifling them or going without for long periods of time.

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