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More often than not, when you think of making meals ahead and tossing them in the freezer, it's usually during the winter months. Admittedly, summer freezer meals are far easier in preparation than winter ones, especially if you have a grill at your disposal. They are all in the freezer and ready to go, so the first two weeks after moving, while I’m unpacking and have other things to do, we don’t have to spend more money eating out! As well as freezing meals, you will want to preserve other foods that you have bought or have grown.

This morning I decided out of the blue I would cook a weeks worth of Paleo dinner slow cooker meals.
In the summer however we're usually just as busy if not more so, and could really use the help cutting down on dinner prep time. I won't have to cook dinner for quite a while now and I can finally get some more use out of my crock pot.
I am actually happy I did this because with the baby coming it will be really great to have some meals that  know freeze well and taste good.

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