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Our New York Times bestselling book, It Starts With Food, outlines our full strategy for implementing a “Paleo” framework while still honoring your vegetarian or vegan principles. In this special section of the book, we talk about the best food choices for vegetarians and vegans, ethical resources for responsibly sources animal products, and outline our strategies for minimizing the downsides of a traditional vegetarian diet. In It Starts With Food, we outline several resources for vegetarians and vegans looking to implement a Paleo framework in their own diets. Conversations With a Vegetarian: How to talk Paleo nutrition with your vegetarian friends and family.
Eat Wild:A comprehensive listing of grass-fed, organic meats and produce in all 50 states and Canada. As an additional special bonus, download our complete shopping list, specifically tailored for vegetarians and vegans. We hope these resources help you apply the Paleo framework to your own diets, regardless of how much or how often you include animal protein sources.

Read It Starts With Food for all the details of how to implement our healthy eating framework for vegetarians and vegans. You can purchase the entire Paleo Summit package, with all of the resources, using the links above. As a book for meat eaters and for those interested in a better Paleo and Primal way of eating it gets 5 starts.
Below is a list of additional resources, as well as our exclusive shopping list for vegetarians and vegans. In our shopping list, we outline the best animal and plant-based sources, to meet the needs of former vegetarians, current vegetarians willing to eat some animal products, and those who abstain from all animal sources.
And remember, simply selecting the healthiest vegetarian protein sources isn’t the full story! It’s designed so folks who could not listen live would still be able to access all of the materials (and bonus material).

I’m pretty sure Applegate Farms bacon includes some form of sugar in the ingredient list. The way you portion food on your plate, the preparation methods of plant-based protein sources, the manner in which you supplement and other factors all play a role in the success of your vegetarian diet.
While I eat paleo myself, I have a lot of vegetarian friends who are very much interested in staying veg, but would like to do it more healthfully. I remember very early on at the first workshop I attended, when the question came up about what to tell our vegetarian friends, there wasn’t really an option. But that doesn’t mean our vegetarian friends can’t benefit from the concepts behind our program, while still working within the constructs of their self-imposed dietary restrictions.

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