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Not many people would turn down aВ  pretty looking smoothie, a refreshing frappГ© or a velvety shake.
While vegetable based juices and green smoothies are high in vitamins and antioxidants, many other fruit smoothies and shakes can be high in sugar, even in its natural form, so go easy on those puppies if you’re cutting down sweet foods. Shakes, also known as milkshakes and thickshakes, are cold, usually sweet drinks made with milk, ice-cream, ice and flavourings or sweeteners like chocolate sauce or fruit syrups.

FrappГ© is a dessert, often a drink, made with shaved ice and fruit juices and purees.В В CoffeeВ FrappГ© is a popular summer drink. This recipe is by Kathy from Healthy Happy Life but I’ve amended the ingredients list slightly as it had soy milk. I can’t think of many things are better than a list of Paleo breakfast smoothie recipes.

You can pretty much experiment making smoothies and be okay but sometimes it is nice to have a quick and simple recipe that guarantees the balance and flavor will be there because someone else figured it out for you.

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