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Every time I run a series on lunches, I get a bunch of questions from readers, many of them centering on: (1) how to keep hot foods hot, (2) how to keep cold foods cold, and (3) how to feed adults (and bigger kids) whose appetites exceed the portion sizes pictured in our photos. Steph Gaudreau from Stupid Easy Paleo has a fantastic tortilla recipe, too—go take a look-see!
By Mahindra RajIf you are planning to shift to Paleo diet or you have already started your transition, then you may be fairly familiar with the fact that Paleo lunch is the most challenging meal of the day.
To help you stick to healthy eating, the best option is to prepare a Paleo diet lunch box for work. If you are craving something that is non-Paleo, what you can do is acknowledge the craving but choose to eat first Paleo food.
If they have a say in selecting items from your real-food pantry, their food is more likely to end up in their bellies rather than the garbage can or trade box. These lunchbox-packing gurus tackle plenty of tough subjects in this helpful book, including allergy avoidance and assembling complete meals in three easy steps.
But please give me some feedback about what you’d like to see in future Paleo Lunchboxes in the comments section, and tell me all about the new and creative lunch ideas you’ve dreamed up!

This bread is not included in the Paleo food list, a healthier option is to create lettuce wraps instead. Whether for lunch or snack, hardboiled eggs are the perfect and most convenient go to food, especially if you don’t have enough time to prepare a full meal. The best way to make it easier for you to stick to Paleo diet is to make it more convenient for you and cut down preparation time.
The trick here is to make sure Paleo diet food is always accessible in order to easily assuage any craving.
Okay—let’s jump into our handy-dandy time machine and visit the series of Paleo lunches I made with LunchBots way back in 2012! Keeping a Paleo Diet Recipe cookbook will really come in handy so you know what to prepare for your lunch ahead of time.
This will significantly cut down your preparation time during mornings, especially in preparing Paleo diet lunch box meals.
You can create lunch from a combination of vegetables and leftover or pre-cooked meat and even top it with hardboiled eggs.

There are also Paleo Diet comfort foods out there and Paleo Diet Recipes that could help you out with food that can relieve stress. Instead, you can purposely cook a large batch for dinner, which you can pack for lunch the following day.
The Paleo Diet is not particular with how you plate your food or if they were cooked yesterday or today. You will be inevitably exposed to party foods, wining and dining, holiday entertaining – all of which present a buffet of temptation that are all too good to resist and could be anything or everything that is not in the Paleo Diet food list.

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