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As seen on Dateline NBC Healthy, delicious, and simple, the Paleo Diet is the diet our genes were made for. This book is a long list of statements that should all end with [citation needed]In order to distinguish his work from competing diets, Cordain spends an inordinate amount of time in the early chapters dumping on the Atkins diet, but he does so in a way that skews the research. I'm a big supporter of the Paleo diet concept and the idea that we need to eat the traditional foods our genes need to be healthy.This book claims to be the last word in explaining what our ancestors ate, and to not be just another book full of fads, but it is seriously flawed. Good news – Loren Cordain, founder of the Paleo Diet movement, is doing his own monthly podcasts now. Here is an interview with Loren from 2010, where he explains the biochemistry of why autoimmune diseases such as MS, arthritis and Type 1 diabetes might be made worse by grains, beans, dairy, and in some people, egg whites and tomatoes. So our hypothesis is, the gut becomes damaged by certain dietary elements, which strips the glycocalyx, which exposes the epidermal growth factor receptor, which allows these certain dietary elements, along with these viral and bacteria peptides, to get into the bloodstream.
If we believe the results of this pathology, that we have atherosclerosis in people who never consumed carbohydrate, always ate a high fat, high protein diet, this atherosclerosis who always consumed a high fat, high protein diet. One other thing these scientists said is that, a person should not mix and match diets, even if there are islands of safety between ways to eat, and they have health potential in that style of eating. In that blog post, she explains that for her, compliance was too challenging, and while it may have helped extend her honeymoon period away from insulin, she didn’t think that in the long run, paleo worked successfully for her . There is also a woman who is advertising on the web right now about her twin boys, who she put on a what I believe she describes as a plant-based diet, where they were both diagnosed as Type 1 diabetics, and now they don’t take any medications. That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me because the only way you can eat a plant-based diet is by eating grains and legumes, and those are two factors that can irritate the gut. Yes, a higher carbohydrate diet before insulin was synthesized and before people could inject themselves with insulin one of the few ways that people could counteract the disease, because it wasn’t until the early sixties that the distinction was made between Type 1 and Type II diabetes, was to reduce the carbohydrate in their diet,В  prior to the day and age of the synthesis of insulin and injecting it.

I do indeed, and it’s published by John Wiley and Sons and the title of the New Book is The Paleo Answer, and I’ve written about everything that I haven’t written about in my other two books, and it’s got all of the latest information right up to 2011.  So we’ve got the best science in there showing you that saturated fats are okay to eat, and why vegetarian and vegan diets are not a good idea, and why taking antioxidant vitamins might shorten your life.
Shelly or Lorain, in one of your postings you said that Pancreatic beta cells regenerate at around 1% per annum, can you please provide a reference for this. I disagree with the underlying assumption that anti-nutrients were not part of the paleo-lithic diet.
Loren Cordain has some research papers on his website, that give helpful background on these issues.
Actually, Loren Cordain is pretty trim, though he sometimes slouches in his chair when he’s being interviewed, no matter how much I ask him not to! He complains that the Atkins diet does away with fruits and vegetables, "Cancer-fighting fruits and vegetables![citation needed]" A lot of the book is like that.
The author seems to be trying to merge information on what the caveman diet consisted of with as many modern food fads as possible.
So with multiple sclerosis, we chose that because there is epidemiologic evidence that implicates diet in multiple sclerosis.
Having spoken with multiple sclerosis patients who have come into remission on a wheat- and a dairy-free-type diet, a couple of them have told me that egg whites exacerbate their symptoms. And the reason for it is because we need to look at the foods that were traditionally in the human diet.
Hundreds of scientific papers show that legumes and grains increase intestinal permeability, and they do it through the mechanisms we talked about earlier, through lectins and saponins, and what are called thaumatin-like proteins, so I would say that vegetarian or vegan diets would be one of the worst ways a person with autoimmune disease could go.В  I recommend not doing that. Cordain looks good enough to eat (spitted slowly over an outdoor hearth) nah just kidding the guy looks great to me!

I have eliminated all wheat and dairy from my diet but I still consume a decent amount of quinoa, brown rice, oatmeal and beans. If you look at the scientific peer review journals in the allergy field, the same picture is painted: milk, wheat, corn, dairy, tomatoes, and so forth often are the same foods that are allergenic. We believe there are multiple HLA haplotypes that can combine with multiple dietary lectins, which can combine with multiple gut antigens to express a disease.
You should probably ignore what the author says about fats and oils in this book, as most of it is just plain wrong.Liquid vegetable oils did not exist in paleolithic times and cooking with flax oil is very unhealthy! Saturated fats are also an important part of a healthy diet, and eating eggs does NOT raise your cholesterol levels. What we do have is a dietary trial going on right now in Ireland where people are going on diets that are wheat-, grain-, dairy-free. The 'very high' cholesterol levels mentioned in the book of 208 are also not high at all, and well within the healthy range of 200 - 240 according to lipid expert Mary Enig PhD.The healthiest oils to cook with are ghee (unless you're 100% dairy free), lard, tallow, coconut and palm oils and olive oil.
So we believe that these dietary antigens also potentially can cause flare-ups in relapsing and remitting MS patients.
This book and 'Know Your Fats' and 'Good Calories, Bad Calories' are essential reading.The Paleo approach generally is very solid, but not as it is interpreted in this book. This book contains an okay quality 3 star version of the diet - far better than the standard diet full of refined foods and grains but missing out lots of good information as well.

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