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Wild caught, grass-fed, pasture raised, organic, and local are all buzz words associated with the Paleo Diet.
If you are a vegetarian and thinking about going paleo I highly suggest researching the food first. If you are paleo you will be eating only pastured or grass fed meats so your body won’t be experiencing any of the toxins, nitrates, or hormones put into the animal. Help Fund Mangia PaleoYour donation allows me to continue to share my recipes and paleo knowledge with you. The principle is, if it comes in a box, good chance it was made by a scientist, who was focussing on making that food more crunchy, insatiable, salty, sweet etc, to excite the brain and make you eat more. Known as konnyaku potato, devil’s tongue, devil’s taro or elephant yam, konjac has been grown in China, Korea, Japan and most of south-east Asia for over 2000 years, as both a healthy food and a traditional medicine to excrete waste and toxic elements from the body. The truth is you can indulge in the foods you love, but keep them to a low percentage of your overall diet i.e. Below you will find lists of foods to eat, and more importantly food to avoid at all costs.
You can do Paleo Vegetarian if you want to, in which case, I highly recommend getting a copy of The Paleo Diet from the My Online Store to assist.

If you haven’t already seen it, the documentary Super Size Me (Morgan Spurlock, 2004) really gives a good account of just what damage this sort of food does, even to an already healthy body.
If you cannotВ grow it, gather it, or hunt it, then chances are it isn’t part of the diet. Although a root vegetable it is pretty starchy and has a relatively high glycemic index like a regular potato, which is not part of the paleo diet.
Since I follow paleo I obviously try to avoid any non-paleo item including corn starch, dextrose, rice starch… all of that.
One of the most viscous fibres known, it boasts the highest water retention of any food fibre and is often used as a vegetarian substitute forВ gelatine. But just to reiterate, the paleolithic way of eating does not need to be fanatically strict; it is after all a lifestyle choice, that if followed over a long period of time, will result in better health. Remember, life is short, so there’s no need to go crazy with any dietary plan you choose (unless you have an obvious medical condition of course). By creating this stance, I was inadvertently creating the image that I was at odds with other diets out there.
The reasons I decided to talk about the Paleo diet so much are twofold: 1) After all of my years trying to optimize my diet and my health, it has by far been the most satisfying diet with the best results.

Sometimes I introduce it back into my diet in small doses to see how many body handles it – and so I don’t go crazy without it!
There are many packaged products that market themselves as being paleo, however, they include ingredients like brown rice syrup.
Leaky gut is a term for the breach in the intestinal lining created by lectins which allows lectins and other particles like partially digested food, toxins, etc to “leak” into the bloodstream, causing havoc with the immune system.
So does an adopter of the Mediterranean diet, or even a vegetarian who occasionally dabbles in dairy, eggs, and fish. So when we nitpick about diet names and strategies, we have to realize it all just comes down to personal choices about proteins, which we all get in some fashion. However, for those following the autoimmune protocol diet eggs should be excluded from the diet.
So Paleo is ultimately just that starting phrase, that initial rung on the ladder to you finding *your* best diet.

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