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The Paleo diet is based upon the basic concept that the optimal diet should be the one to which we are genetically adapted. The diet of our Paleolithic ancestors, the hunter-gatherers, was devoid of dairy products, cereals, sugar, salt and other refined products. The Paleo diet encourages a higher intake of proteins and fibers, moderate to higher intake of fat, but lower intake of carbohydrates. The Paleo Diet is based on modern daily foods which resemble the food groups of our Paleolithic hunter-gatherer ancestors with no agricultural products. Higher fiber intake: The dietary fiber which is important for good health is mainly obtained from non-starchy vegetables and fruits, which have more fiber than whole grains.
Net dietary alkaline load diet: Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables (which are alkaline-forming) to off-set the acid formed by digestion of meats and fish and maintains the net alkaline load. Among the foods that are allowed in the paleo diet are fish and seafood, meats and poultry, eggs, fresh fruits and non-starchy vegetables, nuts and seeds, as well as oil or fat from healthy sources.
Because getting cholesterol from the diet isn’t always an option, the liver actually produces cholesterol. So the total amount of cholesterol in the body changes only very little (if at all), it is just coming from the diet instead of from the liver (3, 4). For many decades, people have been advised to limit their consumption of eggs, or at least of egg yolks (the white is mostly protein and is low in cholesterol).

In these studies, people are split into two groups… one group eats several (1-3) whole eggs per day, the other group eats something else (like egg substitutes) instead. Eating Omega-3 enriched eggs can lower blood triglycerides, another important risk factor (13, 14). The science is clear that up to 3 whole eggs per day are perfectly safe for healthy people who are trying to stay healthy. Then the researchers use statistical methods to figure out whether certain habits (like diet, smoking or exercise) are linked to either a decreased or increased risk of some disease.
These studies, some of which include hundreds of thousands of people, consistently show that people who eat whole eggs are no more likely to develop heart disease.
However… one thing that is worth noting, is that these studies show that diabetics who eat eggs are at an increased risk of heart disease (27). Bottom Line: Many observational studies show that people who eat eggs don’t have an increased risk of heart disease, but some of the studies do show an increased risk in diabetics. So even IF eggs were to have mild adverse effects on blood cholesterol (which they don’t), the benefits of consuming them would still far outweigh the negatives. The healthiest eggs are Omega-3 enriched eggs, or eggs from hens that are raised on pasture.
I personally eat 3-6 whole eggs per day (about 30-40 per week) and my health has never been better.

Given the incredible range of nutrients and powerful health benefits, quality eggs may just be the healthiest food on the planet.
So, the Paleo diet is a kind of diet which involves food items derived straight from nature, without any modification.
The studies show that eggs change the LDL particles from small, dense LDL to Large LDL (19, 20). So even if eggs cause mild increases in Total and LDL cholesterol levels, this is not a cause for concern (21, 22, 23). These types of studies can only show a correlation and it is possible that the diabetics who eat eggs are, on average, less health conscious than those who don’t. On a low-carb diet (by far the best diet for diabetics), eggs lead to improvements in heart disease risk factors (28, 29). Most eggs at the supermarket are from chickens that are raised in factories and fed grain-based feeds.

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