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Plant based diet weight loss success stories

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This fundraiser will enable Hunt Thompson Media, LLC to finish the international documentary series post-production work by Thanksgiving 2010, and release it for the 2010 Christmas and the 2011 New Year’s resolution season.
Put Paleo into action with The Paleo Diet Cookbook and eat your way to weight loss, increased energy, and lifelong health-while enjoying delicious meals.
Loren Cordain’s The Real Paleo Diet Cookbook with 250 Paleo recipes prove following The Paleo Diet is as delicious and inspiring as it is healthy.

For the first time a major television & DVD release will document proof of the Paleo Diet principles. And check it out–the trailer for THE PERFECT HUMAN DIET shows up amongst the biggest blockbuster Hollywood movies in the most popular trailers on Hulu right now:KEWL!

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