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Butter Coffee Recipes: 48 Delicious Paleo Friendly Butter Coffee Recipes To Lose Weight & Feel Great! How I got started on blending my coffee: As I mentioned in my previous post, Dave Asprey from Bulletproof Exec got me started on this recent coffee craze He tells his wonderful story of how he discovered bulletproof coffee and how he makes it here.
Thanks Lisa – Dave was the one who got me on this current coffee craze after meeting him on a cruise earlier this year.

He’s definitely popularized this way of drinking coffee, but the idea is much older and Dave says he got the idea from seeing Tibetans drink yak butter in their tea! Add in coconut or almond milk – to make the coffee even more frothy, add some coconut or almond milk in before blending. I want to try this because just drinking coffee is so boring and I think it would be marvelous to try.

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