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Many people who switch to The Paleo Diet often find themselves questioning their ritual morning cup of coffee. Coffee is created by brewing the roasted seed or “bean” of one of the numerous species of Coffee trees (coffea). Coffee should be excluded by anyone seeking to achieve the most out of their Paleo lifestyle. Someone asked if it was the caffeine that was a problem for the adrenals or the coffee itself (I am assuming it is the caffeine), so why, as they ask, should a cup of good quality decaf be a problem in the morning.
The Roasting procedure is what actually makes it become brown and increase the level of caffeine inside the coffee bean. You can make an infusion of green coffee, which is gonna be and taste somewhat like tea, which is fairly allowed in Paleo. Although coffee should be excluded from my Paleo diet, I can’t seem to break my coffee habit. I decided to go on strict paleo diet couple of days ago (could not look at my horrible acne any longer). With roughly 90% of the North American population consuming coffee on a daily basis you’re left wondering if coffee is an acceptable drink to include in your Paleo menu.
The Paleo Diet focuses on eating nutrient dense, naturally occurring, anti-inflammatory foods that promote overall wellness and sustained levels of energy.

I truly want to do what is best for my health, but there is so much conflicting information going around about the benefits and side effects of drinking coffee. Loren Cordain’s The Real Paleo Diet Cookbook with 250 Paleo recipes prove following The Paleo Diet is as delicious and inspiring as it is healthy. Many people who switch to The Paleo Diet discover that their morning cup of black gold becomes a habit of the past. His research emphasis over the past 20 years has focused upon the evolutionary and anthropological basis for diet, health and well being in modern humans. Coffee has too many health benefits to ignore and yes, it is better for you than green tea.
Ive been on the paleo for a few weeks and have been drinking decaf coffee in the morning just because I love the taste. The majority of the world’s coffee producers originate from countries located near the equator. Many heavy coffee drinkers report that their morning cup of Joe no longer gives them the same burst of energy that they experienced when they first developed their habit. If you find yourself having a hard time quitting the coffee ritual, it might be helpful to incorporate moderate amounts of green tea which is slightly higher in antioxidants, and contains lower levels of caffeine.
In fact, many habitual coffee drinkers report suffering from sleep disturbances, headaches, and general “sluggish” behavior.

Cordain’s scientific publications have examined the nutritional characteristics of worldwide hunter-gatherer diets as well as the nutrient composition of wild plant and animal foods consumed by foraging humans. He is the world’s leading expert on Paleolithic diets and has lectured extensively on the Paleolithic nutrition worldwide.
Cordain is the author of six popular bestselling books including The Real Paleo Diet Cookbook, The Paleo Diet, The Paleo Answer, and The Paleo Diet Cookbook, summarizing his research findings.
Now, once I start this diet, if I no linger desire coffee because I am naturally energetic and coffee starts making me not feel good..
I have read beneficial things for people with asthma (which I have) and I notice it does help me in the mornings to have coffee with my breathing. But perhaps when I try this diet and no longer have asthma as a result (hopefully ) then I won’t desire coffee so much.

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