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The notion that dietary cholesterol, (cholesterol that occurs naturally within food), promotes cardiovascular disease has been a central tenet of the US government’s dietary recommendations for the past 50 years, including their Food Guide Pyramid (retired in 2005), MyPyramid (retired in 2011), and their current MyPlate configuration.
Such a reversal would be highly impactful and significant considering that official dietary guidelines affect school lunch programs and other institutional menu planning, while also directly influencing the eating habits of millions of Americans. The campaign against dietary cholesterol dates back to 1961, when the American Heart Association (AHA) began warning against overconsumption. The Paleo Diet strongly encourages the DGAC to reverse its longstanding antagonism against healthy foods like eggs, beef, and shrimp, which contain relatively high amounts of dietary cholesterol.
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Soon, however, the government may finally change its course, aligning itself with decades of scientific research showing that dietary cholesterol neither increases serum (blood) cholesterol levels nor increases risks for cardiovascular disease. According to the Washington Post, at the panel’s final meeting in December, they decided to withdraw their dietary cholesterol warnings. The US government’s dietary recommendations have flown in the face of published nutritional science for far too long.
Ancel Keys, the progenitor of the lipid hypothesis of coronary heart disease, acknowledged as early as 1953 that dietary cholesterol doesn’t increase blood cholesterol and thus (according to his lipid hypothesis) doesn’t drive heart disease. We further encourage the relevant governmental agencies to act upon the DGAC’s anticipated reversal, thereby definitively ending the ridiculous and entirely unscientific war against dietary cholesterol, an important and beneficial nutrient.

Loren Cordain’s The Real Paleo Diet Cookbook with 250 Paleo recipes prove following The Paleo Diet is as delicious and inspiring as it is healthy. Eggs contain 185 mg of cholesterol, which means for decades past the AHA (and the US government by extension) has been taking the position that eating more than one daily egg is dangerous.

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