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This is a guest post by David Csonka, part of a multi-post segment about the Paleo Diet and David’s experiences with adopting a more natural lifestyle and diet. Last time we talked about the basic premise behind the Paleo diet: that humans have historically eaten foods like meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits, and nuts as opposed to the plethora of processed grains, sugars, and starches that dominate the modern diet. If you have tried other diets in the past, you may be quite familiar with the usual line about consulting your doctor before making any significant changes. After talking with your doctor about the Paleo diet, I recommend that you ask for a series of routine blood tests and a physical exam to record your starting point and identify your current nutritional needs.
When I first started out with the Paleo diet, I was having a hard time keeping my food choices interesting while limiting the time needed to prepare food. With blood tests and examinations, there are plenty of ways to quantify and share the changes that occur as a result of your new diet.

Next time, I plan to talk more in-depth about some of the potential health changes you could experience with the Paleo diet, and how it could benefit people who live with thyroid conditions. Avoiding grains and refined sugar probably counts for the majority of the benefits you will get from the Paleo diet.
Today, I’m going to discuss the best ways to implement the Paleo diet into your life and share some of my personal results and experiences. While a diet of meat and vegetables is sure to provide you with just about every vitamin you need, picky eating or food allergies may cause you to avoid foods that contain essential nutrients. Blood pressure, weight, and general health are all things which may be positively impacted by implementing the Paleo diet. If you feel a sudden change in the negative direction, or your bowel movements aren’t normal, consider removing a potential culprit from your diet for a few weeks and monitor any changes.

So, please check with your doctor and make sure that any preexisting conditions won’t be significantly impacted by a diet change.
You get to pick out all of the ingredients and sauces you want for your meal, so you can be sure to only have paleo foods if you choose. My mother was initially skeptical of the Paleo diet, but I urged her to at least try giving up bread for a few weeks. And, I honestly think you have a good chance of feeling those same things if you give the Paleo diet a try.

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