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Innovation doesn’t always mean improvement, advocates of the Paleo Diet might say, as America’s newest and most “Googled” diet of 2013 is, ironically, inspired by the world’s oldest diet.
The Paleolithic diet, commonly referred to as the “caveman,” or “hunter-gatherer diet,” is based on the foods that our ancestors ate during the Paleolithic Era—a period that began about 2 million years ago, and ended with the First Agricultural Revolution, 10,000 years ago.
During the Paleolithic Era, our ancestors only ate foods that could be hunted and fished, such as meats and seafood, as well as foods that could be gathered, such as nuts, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices. Due to strong beliefs that the human digestive system has hardly changed over time, Paleo Diet supporters argue that the ideal diet for human health is a pre-agricultural diet.
Cutting out particular foods, however, doesn’t mean your diet has to be a strict calorie-counting, yes-or-no-checklist type of diet. The Paleo Diet, on the other hand, puts more of an emphasis on a change in mindset: it’s actually less of a diet and more of a lifestyle. Miller adds that unlike diets that require you to measure out food and count calories, Paleo is comparatively quite simple.

Craft beer is slowly but surely educating the palates of Japan’s beer drinkers and bringing with it some equally unique stories from the start-ups producing it.
The main principal of the diet is simple: if the cavemen didn’t eat it back then, we shouldn’t eat it now. Since the time when humans began cultivating crops around 10,000 BCE, several kinds of food that humans rarely consumed before—beans, grains, alcohol, and dairy products—became staples of the human diet. The Paleo Diet focuses more on a general lifestyle change and guidelines to eating unprocessed food. But when cooking at home, there are a number of Paleo-friendly alternatives that can replace ingredients in traditional recipes.
While out at an izakaya, most veggie and grilled fish dishes are Paleo-friendly, Miller says, and so are miso, green tea, edamame, and wakame.
Sayaka Miller, longtime ultra-trail athlete and author of Japan’s bilingual Paleo blog, Munchkin Foods, says that “Japanese people are not used to thinking of a diet as a lifestyle.

Although ordering gyoza or chocolate chip cookies out at a restaurant might not be considered Paleo, you can surprisingly make these indulgent-sounding dishes healthy (see sidebar). They are always looking to go on a diet, but it’s more of a momentary thing to drop weight in a couple weeks. Some long-time practitioners of the Paleo Diet have even noticed improvements in chronic illnesses, thanks to cutting out milk and grains, such as corn, wheat, pasta, and rice, from their diets.

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