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Anyways, after trying many different home remedies such as oil pulling and oil cleansing, changes to my eating habits, removing fish oil from my diet, consuming cod liver oil, and different essential oils, I decided to try some prescription strength drugs. I agree that if your acne is bad to the point of pain and you’ve tried urrythang else, get after accutane. I had really bad acne on and off for years that came to a peak at around 22-24 when it became a full fledged cystic onslaught. I’m pale when I stay away from the sun, so my neck and my face were completely opposite colors.
I’m not sure what will happen in the future and if I will have to get back on it, but I know that my acne will never be as bad or as painful as it was in the past.
As you can see from all of these comments, you’re not alone in the continuous fight against adult acne! People that have never suffered from cystic acne do not understand the pain, embarrassment and overall diminishing feelings of self worth that come from it.

I was borderline going to go on Accutane, but I managed to find an alternative way to control my acne. There’s a lot to say for people that live with acne- takes self image to a whole new horrible. I felt so guilty taking a prescription for something so many other paleo-doers clear up with diet. I too have suffered from severe acne for a while, which got worse with the painful cystic acne after starting Paleo. I too used Accutane after years of incredibly painful cystic acne, and it was absolutely the right decision for me.
It had been almost 3 years of fighting this cystic acne that was going to lead to much worse scarring if I didn’t do something about it. But I want to share my experience with people who are trying so hard to change their diet to fix their body issues, and those things are just not working.

I admit that I didn’t not have cystic acne like yours, but it was persistent and did not get better with a paleo diet and lifestyle.
But it wasn’t until I started CrossFit and was competing, that my acne got out of control. I am positive that by following a nutrient dense diet while on accutane prevented so many of the scary side effects. Not sure if it’s the (mostly) Paleo diet or just age, but I’m so glad to be finally rid of it!

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