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What you see is the 25.2 BMI and at the end of the challenge you can see there is a bit of a decrease. The only thing that has been consistent is working out and being up for a challenge when it’s thrown at me.
If you have any questions concerning food, nutrition, Primall Blueprint, Paleo or Zone diet in the future: please ask us.

We will write a summary later after all the results are in – but even without knowing your final figures we are proud of you!
This package includes answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding the challenge, specific tips to boost your metabolism, as well details on all the lifestyle factors that contribute to your health and well being. I went on a similar diet (removal of bread, rice, pasta, corn and all sodas) at my doctor’s recommendation. My cousin is an avid marathon runner who I went to first when I found out about my allergies and suggested I follow the paleo plan since he does and has reaped the benefits himself.

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