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Cow milk and dairy products are one of the richest sources of calcium of all foods consumed in the human diet. Organically produced milk and dairy may contain lower concentrations of pesticides and other environmental pollutants. To increase milk production dairy cows are frequently administered Growth Hormone, which has been shown to elevate IGF-1 in milk. Yes, the dairy industry has conducted an ad campaign for more than 20 years promoting milk’s supposedly beneficial effects. My dairy experience is an unusual one: I went vegan for two years and lost the ability to process milk when I went back to a standard diet. My question is about traditional diets that contain dairy, such as that of the Maasai people. For all the above, just do your self a favour go and read Dr Cordain's new book The Paleo Answer. My personal observation regarding soymilk is based on several years of consuming 2 to 3 cups of low-fat soymilk on a daily basis.
Milk and dairy products only became part of the current western diet during the period known as the Neolithic or “New Stone Age” which began about 10,000 years ago and ended 5,500 years ago. Unless you are lactose intolerant, have an allergy to milk and dairy products, or have been a devoted follower of The Paleo Diet, most people don’t give a second thought about whether or not they should consume a food group that seems to be found nearly everywhere in the western diet. These figures don’t entirely tell the full story, as dairy products are put into almost all processed foods.
This is exactly the message the milk processing industry wants to convey to the general public because it sells more milk and dairy products – plain and simple. As was the case with saturated fats, whether or not people should consume dairy products is divisive within the scientific community because the human experimental and epidemiological evidence is not necessarily conclusive and still can be interpreted in a variety of ways. I certainly am not the first scientist to recognize that milk and dairy consumption may have adverse effects upon our health. Based upon the dairy ad campaigns, bovine (cow) milk consumption appears to represent nothing less than an extraordinary food to perk up our health and avoid illness.
In a paper published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,24 my research group and I pointed out how dairy products were nutritional lightweights when compared to lean meats, seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables.
A forgotten piece of the peptic ulcer story is that milk and dairy consumption significantly increased the risk for cardiovascular disease and heart attacks.
Unless you haven’t watched TV or read a newspaper or magazine in the past 20 years, most people know that milk and dairy products are one of our best sources of calcium.
I’ve briefly touched upon the glycemic index, but let me get into a bit more detail about how this indicator of a food’s blood sugar response relates to milk and dairy. Before we go any further, you need to know how modern dairy farmers maximize milk production from their cows.
It will take many more experiments and years of research to conclusively show whether or not the betacellulin in milk contributes to the cancers associated with milk drinking and dairy consumption. Today it is almost universally recognized by pediatricians that infants should never consume milk (except mother’s milk) or dairy products until at least age one or beyond. A comprehensive 2007 meta analysis by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health has identified a high intake of dairy foods as a prominent risk factor for Parkinson’s disease.20, 89, 123 Men who consumed the highest quantities of dairy products had an 80% greater risk of developing the disease than men who ate the lowest amounts. Currently, it is unknown how and why milk drinking increases the risk for this illness, but autoimmune mechanisms seem likely, particularly those directed at insulin.123 Other prominent and more studied autoimmune diseases associated with milk and dairy consumption are multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and gastrointestinal diseases such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and irritable bowel syndrome.
Good to hear from you and many thanks for your kind words about The Paleo Diet for Athletes.В  I note that Chris Kresser has recently become quite a spokespersonВ for contemporary Paleo Diets, as he recently appeared on the Dr. I have no idea if it was because I was young and my immune system worked like it should, that RAW dairy didn’t bother me. Driving divisions between the people who support the Paleo life style isn’t going to wake up the masses. I used to be a total opponent of any dairy but the need for more fat in my diet, made me enjoy raw home made goat milk kefir. As for kefir, I would advocate for it, until the Second Coming, no matter what Dr Cordain says against milk. I will continue my comment on the legume blog post, a topic which again I don’t agree with Dr Cordain. So many books have been written on the Paleo Diet in the last few years that writing another book about it really is almost tautological. Dallas and Melissa Hartwig has a program in their book that instructs people how to go on a 30-day cleansing diet eliminating industrial, highly processed foods, grains, legumes, and dairy.
I’m more Primal than Paleo, avoid wheat but do occasionally have rice and beans and drink wine daily.

I like drinking protein shakes in the morning, but I noticed some of the protein sources in my protein is made from milk or dairy products.
Put Paleo into action with The Paleo Diet Cookbook and eat your way to weight loss, increased energy, and lifelong health-while enjoying delicious meals. Loren Cordain is Professor Emeritus of the Department of Health and Exercise Science at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado.
I have been having almond or cashew milk but slowly reintegrating cheese because dairy can be a low-carb source of protein. Loren Cordain’s The Real Paleo Diet Cookbook with 250 Paleo recipes prove following The Paleo Diet is as delicious and inspiring as it is healthy.
The figure below shows just how recent dairy foods and other staples of the western diet really are when evaluated on an evolutionary time frame.
Your favorite dairy foods may include ice cream, chocolate milk, cheese, fruit flavored yogurt, kefir or fancy imported cheeses.
This concept could point them in the right direction when it comes to deciphering the conflicting information about dairy products and human health. In 2010 the official Institute of Medicine daily recommended intake for vitamin D increased from 400 IU to 600 IU per day for most people (32). As we move forward from the past, numerous studies support the view that milk and dairy products may not be heart healthy and “Good for everybody”. The dairy manufacturing industry has pounded this message into our brains for decades – so much so that many women fear they will develop osteoporosis if they don’t consume dairy foods.
It improves blood lipid profiles,47, 97 prevents heart beat irregularities called arrhythmias,57 improves insulin metabolism,82 and lowers markers of inflammation.82 If you decide to consume dairy products, you effectively negate these therapeutic effects of magnesium either fully or in part.
To accomplish this feat, these hormones, proteins and peptides must first survive pasteurization (the quick heating of milk to destroy microorganisms), homogenization and other processing procedures applied to dairy foods.
Dairy farmers are in the business to make money, and the more milk they can get from a single cow in a year, the more money they make. Let me briefly point out some additional conditions and illnesses in which milk and dairy products have been implicated. When you adopt The Paleo Diet, you will reduce your risk for Parkinson’s disease and other conditions with autoimmune components because this lifetime nutritional plan eliminates milk and other foods associated with the development certain autoimmune diseases.
Cordain L, Eaton SB, Sebastian A, Mann N, Lindeberg S, Watkins BA, O’Keefe JH, Brand-Miller J. Cordain L, The nutritional characteristics of a contemporary diet based upon Paleolithic food groups.
Cordain for clearing some things up about the Paleo Diet that people like Chris Kresser have capitalized and made misleading stances on. In Your Personal Paleo Code, Chris Kresser posits that he disagrees with some of the Paleo Diet adherents and progenitors like Loren Cordain and Robb Wolf (though, wisely, he does not name any names) and promises to provide a more nuanced and less stringent approach. Cordain, thank you for taking the time to write an excellent, thorough and scientifically-sound response to Michael’s question.
Your efforts have been the foundation of the Paleo movement and now millions of people across the world are enjoying better health because of you. He does not recommend dairy for everyone, only those who can tolerate it after reintroducing it into their initial grain-free, dairy-free trial of the Paleo diet.
His Personal Paleo Code may be less strict than other Paleo Diets but I assure you he isn’t recommending dairy and legumes to most people. Loren Cordain demonstrates how, by eating your fill of satisfying and delicious meats and fish, fresh fruits, snacks, and non-starchy vegetables, you can lose weight and prevent and treat heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, metabolic syndrome, and many other illnesses.
From a macro perspective, dairy looks good, but that piece about insulin resistance concerns me. Implied in magazine ads, TV and radio commercials, and now social networks is the notion that all public figures with “milk mustaches” endorse dairy products, presumably because they are a healthy and nutritious food. When we consume milk, ice cream and other dairy products rich in lactose, it must first be broken down into these two simple sugars by an enzyme in our guts called lactase.
The lactose evidence is like a canary in a coal mine, and hints at even greater health problems with milk and dairy consumption. Shortly after the glycemic index was developed in the early 1980’s, it was discovered that milk, yogurt and most dairy foods had low glycemic responses.38 Presumably, these foods should be healthy and help to prevent the Metabolic Syndrome. By eliminating milk and dairy products from your diet, you will immediately reduce your risk of these cancers, as well as allergy, heart disease, and autoimmune disease. In my new book, The Paleo Answer (John Wiley & Sons, 2012), I fully discuss how Paleo Diets may have therapeutic potential for autoimmune disease patients.
The good news is that you can probably forestall their appearance until very late in life by following The Paleo Diet.

Numerous epidemiological studies show that lactose and galactose are involved in premature cataract formation.63, 77, 102 Due to the way cataracts form, we can probably never prevent them completely, but chances are good that if you adopt a dairy free diet, you can live most of your life, even into old age, without developing cataracts. But for rice, legumes and dairy, there are CONDITIONS that can make them acceptable foods for some. Disappointingly, in the end, when one reads carefully his major points in the book and compares them to the major points in books like The Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain and It Starts With Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, one finds that Kresser’s conclusions are quite similar to the two books mentioned. Yet in the end, his overall recommendation really is not different from Cordain’s because this author believes that a Paleo dieter can consume non-Paleo foods without significant harm to their health so long as they keep them to a minimum, and this includes dairy.
Chris’s work is not only incredibly well researched but he is probably the most unbiased and I think rational Paleo author I have come across. He does outline situations in which dairy may be beneficial or detrimental, depending on the individual.
I have read many books on Paleo diets and The Paleo Answer is just fantastic, I have long given up dairy. It's fascinating to me that the need to suckle for proper pallet formation (which does not pose the risk that suckling on an artificial nipple or another breast alternative does) remains until about 3 years, which perfectly correlates with the GI tracts need to be flushed with human milk and the toddlers need to be protected with the antibodies their mothers milk provides. Diet.24, 45 As such, milk and dairy products have an enormous potential to disrupt our health and well-being through a variety of means that I barely touched upon in my first book, The Paleo Diet. At this rate, you’d have to drink a ridiculous 167 eight oz glasses of milk just to achieve the 600 IU daily recommendation.
However, about 5-10 years ago experiments from our laboratory and others unexpectedly revealed that low glycemic dairy foods paradoxically caused huge rises in blood insulin levels,42, 55, 59, 87 even when milk is added to mixed meals.70 The table below shows that despite their low glycemic indices, dairy foods maintain high insulin responses similar to white bread.
These comprehensive studies show that milk drinking also increases the risk for ovarian cancer in women.44, 68 If you or any close relatives have a history of cancer, one of the best lifestyle changes you can make to reduce your risk of these life threatening diseases is to wipe your upper lip clean of the milk mustache and get milk and dairy completely out of your life! So the trick for modern dairy farmers is to get cows to make high amounts of milk during the early months of pregnancy when milk is normally not produced. He also explained that once people understand the basic premise of Paleo, they can modify and tailor their Paleo diets according to what makes them thrive.
In the midst of plenty of literature and blogs about the Paleo Diet, Kresser has to work extra hard to try prove to people that he has new things to say; unfortunately, he does not, and in the process he unfairly criticizes the giants whose shoulders he is standing on. I have been on the Paleo diet for about 2 years, do Crossfit 3 times a week for exercise, am trying to gain muscle mass to replace muscle atrophy and am having no luck building 5 to 7 pounds of muscle let alone a couple. Cordain’s scientific publications have examined the nutritional characteristics of worldwide hunter-gatherer diets as well as the nutrient composition of wild plant and animal foods consumed by foraging humans.
Before asking a question for the busy man do him a favour read his new book, he wrote this to address issues such as dairy and vegetarian diets being healthy. If you had any prior doubts about whether you should eat dairy foods, the information contained in this article should help you make an informed decision in the best interest of your health.
Because most of the milk we drink is fortified with vitamin D, then an 8 oz glass typically yields 100 IU of this nutrient.128 However, even with fortification, you would have to drink six 8 oz glasses (1,680 calories or ~ 75 % of your daily caloric intake) of whole milk to meet the daily requirement for vitamin D. If we look at the evolutionary evidence, it becomes immediately clear that it would be virtually impossible to achieve governmental recommended calcium intakes without eating dairy products.
Most of these compounds in milk have very short half-lives and are spontaneously degraded within minutes or hours after the manufacture of modern dairy foods. Dairy farmers achieve this goal by artificially inseminating cows within three months after they have just given birth.
I would posit that a great percentage of those following a Paleo diet (of European decent) would in fact tolerate lactose.
He is the world’s leading expert on Paleolithic diets and has lectured extensively on the Paleolithic nutrition worldwide. In 2002, I wrote a scientific paper covering this topic, and my analysis showed that modern day Paleo Diets provide us with only about 70% of the daily recommended calcium intake.23 Given this evolutionary clue, then it is not be surprising to find that the supra-normal intakes of calcium that can be achieved by milk and dairy consumption may just cause unexpected health problems. If dairy really bothers you, Cordain is confident that you would not want to incorporate it in your diet automatically and permanently. Cordain is the author of six popular bestselling books including The Real Paleo Diet Cookbook, The Paleo Diet, The Paleo Answer, and The Paleo Diet Cookbook, summarizing his research findings. In a recent 2011 meta analysis,114 scientists at the Harvard School of Public Health showed that dairy food didn’t affect heart disease risk one way or another.

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