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Joking aside, Sarah does a great job of explaining to kids the importance of eating Paleo without being preachy.
For the last couple of summers, I’ve been a volunteer at a local Girl Scout camp and have been assisting the food team in creating allergy friendly outdoor cooking recipes.
Recently my daughter and her Girl Scout troop held a Box Oven cooking workshop where they showed other girls how to make and use a box oven to bake brownies. Inside Caveman Feast, our Grain-Free Goodies recipes, from Blueberry Espresso Brownies to Caveman Cookies and Cocodamia cookie balls,В will keep your cravings at bay. Thanks Nancy – really pleased you find the app convenient and hope it proves a really useful cooking companion.

I got it this morning for my iphone 4s, and looove the pictures, I actually told some friends about it, too, sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, LOL. One of the other troop moms spent many hours experimenting with the coals to find the perfect way to bake these brownies in the amount of time we had available for the workshop. I’ve dried strawberries, bananas, cherries, oranges, made my own fruit leather and made some cookies.
Through my experimentation I’ve managed to find several recipes that work for various allergies. Yesterday while the kids and I were sitting outside on the deck reading I found a recipe for raw vegan chocolate pudding.

There was no cooking or waiting involved so it seemed like a good treat to make right away.

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