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You’d be nuts not to make these chocolatey treats studded with delicious macadamias, which are a great source of fiber and protein.
Put a delicious twist on this classic chipper, with extra-large chocolate chunks for maximum melty perfection.
Decadent fluff steals the show in this recipe that paleo-fies those Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies.
It’s OK to indulge in a cookie (or two) every now and then, so long as you strive for a balanced diet the rest of the time.
Each of these cookies has 112 calories and only 2.3 grams of sugar, so you can indulge in a sweet treat without an overload of empty calories.

Plus, each cookie packs four grams of protein, thanks to the nutritious sunflower seed butter. Use a food processor to blend the ingredients together, and have a cookie scoop on hand to make consistent sized servings. We dug deep on the interwebs and checked out tons of Paleo blogs to find this list of scrumptious and creative Paleo dessert cookie recipes. However, restrictions for the Paleo dietВ mean that baking ingredients like dairy products and flour are off-limits. The saltiness of the breakfast meat pairs perfectly with the sweet flavor of chopped dark chocolate, making this inventive recipe doubly delicious.

But, thanks to some dedicated food bloggers committed to the cookie cause, it’s still possible to whip up a tasty treat that’s compatible with paleo living. From homemade Oreos to delicious pinwheels, we’ve rounded up the most mouth-watering paleo-friendly cookies.

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