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By now you’re probably realized that potatoes aren’t on the menu when on Paleo, but the good news is that mashed cauliflower can get you most of the way to mashed potatoes.
What makes this mashed cauliflower recipe so delicious is that you roast the garlic before adding them to the mix.
Cottage pie or shepherd’s pie traditionally uses mashed potatoes as a big part of what makes it up. This recipe uses a special shortcut to produce mashed cauliflower that has “everything” in it. At this point it’s turning into a showdown between different Paleo chefs to see who can make the best mashed cauliflower. Here’s our final mashed cauliflower recipe, which can serve as a go-to whenever you need a boost of garlic in your life. In fact, Paleo culinary artists have been doing their best to come up with the perfect stand-in for a mound of mashed taters, and have done a pretty good job of getting it right with a big head of cabbage and some supplemental ingredients.
If you want to enjoy these recipes while doing Paleo, you’ll need to swap out those mashed potatoes with mashed cauliflower, and this is a good recipe to start with.

You’ll have to be the kind of Paleo follower that allows a bit of cheese, but you get to pick the cheese you use so you can choose something that agrees with you. It uses plenty of cauliflower of course, but also a respectable amount of garlic, almond milk to smooth everything out, and parsley and paprika for additional flavoring. I love helping people discover new paleo recipes and enjoy giving helpful tips on the Paleo diet. Here we’ve rounded up the best ones we can find for the mashed potato addicts out there.
Almond milk is used to give them a creaminess and make it so it’s not just eating mashed up cauliflower.
It not only gives you a good base of beef and vegetables, it caps the top off with a thick layer of mashed cauliflower. If you’re a fan of the bagel, you’re likely missing them while on Paleo, and this is one way to remind yourself of what they taste like without going off track. It’s interesting to see that just a lot of cauliflower, some butter, garlic, and salt and pepper is all you need to make a basic batch of mashed cauliflower.

With 470+ easy-to-prepare Paleo recipes in 17 comprehensive categories it is the only Paleo book you will ever need. I have been making a living writing about the Paleo Diet for the last year and have never been happier.
If you’ve never made Cottage Pie before, this is a pretty easy recipe to follow, and you don’t have to worry if it’s breaking any Paleo rules or not, because it isn’t.
Please read about my journey here and see how I turned my passion for the Paleo lifestyle into a successful blog and career. Many of the ingredients that go into these also go into a batch of mashed potatoes, so it does a good job of recreating them.
The end result is a buttery, creamy, cheesy blend of cauliflower that makes it seem like you’re just having an ordinary side dish and aren’t going without anything.

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