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Julie and Charles Mayfield, authors of the breakout success Paleo Comfort Foods, bring fans another serving of 100 Paleo recipes that are quick, easy, healthy and irresistibly delicious. The Paleo movement is wildly popular and continues to gain momentum as millions of people discover the undeniable health benefits and effortless weight loss that come with eliminating gluten, legumes and dairy from their diets. Millions of people have found health benefits and lost weight with Paleo plans that eliminate gluten, legumes and dairy from their diets. Here’s a recipe you can try for dinner tonight, and pick up a copy of the cookbook for more easy and tasty foods.

Place pork rinds and all seasonings into food processor and pulse until no large pieces remain.
This gorgeous four-color cookbook provides an impressive selection of Paleo recipes that are not only healthy and delicious but quick and easy. Authors Julie and Charles Mayfield began living a Paleo lifestyle in 2009 and haven’t looked back since, and now have a new book, Quick and Easy Paleo Comfort Foods, with 100 quick, healthy and delicious recipes and yummy gluten-free versions of some of your favorite foods. The tips and recipes in this book will help readers learn the basics of quick cooking and easy meal assembly, as well as teach them how to transform their favorite dishes and go-to comfort foods into healthy, gluten-free meals that they can enjoy even on weeknights!

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