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I’ve kind of been loving the idea of a homemade Asian-style hot sauce for a while now, but I wanted to play with a version that would make the most of summery, just-picked hot peppers. The flavor of this sauce, I will concede, is decidedly different from the familiar red-hot heat of those same-colored condiments.
Peel garlic cloves and roast in a dry, cast-iron skillet, tossing occasionally, until toasty brown in places and very fragrant, about 5 minutes.
Add toasted garlic cloves, chilies, sugar and vinegar to a food processor and puree into an almost-smooth, pesto-like consistency. Pour chili sauce back into the hot skillet and let stand for 2 hours (during which time flavors will meld and residual heat from pan will slightly thicken sauce) before using or transferring to a storage container.

I bet it is spicy and now all I want is to stuff my face with some hot burning green chili garlic sauce!!
We too moved from California to the midwest and you’ve captured the beauty and monotony of the place so perfectly + chili sauce = yes, please! Where traditional chili-garlic sauce’s flavor is round and glossy, this is sharp and bright.
For the batch of chilies I purchased, the sauce was still plenty hot.) Roughly chop chilies.
Turn off heat and add onion with sesame oil to chili mixture in food processor; pulse to combine.

All hot sauces: tapatio, tobasco, cholula, sriracha, franks and of course chili garlic sauce. The sauce tasted identical to my favorite Thai restaurants but without any weird ingredients or preservatives.

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