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I thought I’d offer a few tips for anyone who is new to pressure cooking, or is considering buying a pressure cooker.
I just wanted to comment that I have had my Cuisinart ELECTRIC PRESSURE cooker now for about one month. Pressure cookers are awesome, I bought the Kuhn Rikon duromatic duo years ago, and I use them constantly. I’m researching the Paleo diet so that I can have a quick link just to those recipes from my website for your readers that came for a visit.
I would appreciate pointers to an authoritive page on the Paleo diet do’s and don’ts so I can figure out which recipes are Paleo-worthy!
As far as vegetables are concerned, it’s good to remember that some vitamins are destroyed at high heat, so pressure cooking is not the best way to go there. I was still quite hesitant to buy a pressure cooker but I dove right it and I’m never looking back!! Ever since I posted my Naan recipe on Barbara Bakes I’ve been on the look out for Indian main dishes to serve along side the naan.
The recipe looked like it would be an easy recipe to convert to a pressure cooker recipe, and it was!
We have an Instant Pot and it doesn’t have a Browning setting, so we used the SautГ© setting to brown the chicken. Thanks Karen – glad you enjoyed the recipe and are having fun pressure cooking with your husband.
Thanks Lydia – you need enough liquid for the pressure cooker to come to pressure and then thicken or reduce the liquid after pressure cooking. But a very persistent reader has been emailing me about creating a Pressure Cooker Vietnamese Pho recipe for the past 2 years. Big thanks toВ Nom Nom Paleo Food for Humans CookbookВ by my friends Michelle Tam and Henry Fong for another stellar recipe. Dried rice noodles cook differently from the regular wheat-based Italian style pasta that you’re used to.
Approximately: 30 minutes to build up pressure + 60 minutes under pressure + 30 minutes to release pressure.
Most of us are familiar with slow cookers and rely on them from time to time when we want a home cooked meal that requires very little effort.
A pressure cooker, on the other hand, can do just about everything a slow cooker can in a fraction of the time. A pressure cooker is locked shut and seals in all the water vapor that rise up from the simmering liquid and ingredients in the pot.
When removed from heat, the cooker slowly lowers the pressure inside on its own (or can be run under cold water to speed up the process) and will indicate when it is safe to remove the lid. If you’re one of those people who’s had a pressure cooker in your cupboard for years but have always been afraid of using it, now’s the time. Put the lid on the pressure cooker, making sure it clicks into place, and turn the heat to high. My pressure cooking advice, and I have been teaching people how to use one for 15 years, is to buy the biggest one that you can easily store. I love recipes like this but i prefer a crockpot so the smell can fill the house all day long.

I am now on my third pressure cooker, I have been cooking this way now for nearly 30 years, and the cooker gets used weekly, daily even in the winter. The cooking temperature is higher than with boiling water but the time cooking is much faster and since there is liquid involved, you don’t get direct contact with food to create any bad things, as far as I know.
The studies that have been done in Spain and Germany show that nutrient retention is higher with pressure cooking versus stove top cooking. The first time I used the better-quality 8qt cooker, I was paranoid that it wouldn’t come to pressure either . The only thing that you have to be careful of is making sure that you have enough liquid in the cooker. But for the most part anything like swiss steak, beef stew, or the chicken cacciatore is a good use. When butter is melted and foam begins to subside, add the chicken pieces, a few at a time, and sear until they are nicely browned all over (about 2-3 minutes per batch). You could start with half the butter and add the second half when you’re cooking the second half of the chicken.
Some times you need to reduce the liquid in a recipe for pressure cooking, but I didn’t need to with this recipe. Make better tasting meals in a fraction of the time in an easy-to-use electric pressure cooker. LOVE this cookbook, I can’t recommend it enough and have purchased copies for my friends.
I’m creating notes for Paleo and non-Paleo recipe the Vietnamese Beef Pho using the pressure cooker. Exact timing is really not that important - and also depends on your pressure cooker system.
Once finished cooking and safe to open, open the pressure cooker and using a fine mesh or ladle, remove the top layer of fatty liquid that has accumulated on the surface of the broth and discard (there will be lots of it.) Remove the onion, ginger and spice sachet and discard.
This looks like a fabulous recipe and another opportunity to use my Christmas gift to myself, my Instant Pot.
The increased pressure increases the cooking temperature and triples the amount of heat transferred into the meat while it cooks. Well, when it really gets going a pressure cooker sounds a little bit like a steam locomotive moving through your kitchen. Newer models of pressure cookers have all sorts of added features for safety and ease of use and are pretty much fool-proof.
As soon as the pressure cooker begins to loudly release steam, set the timer and cook the stew for 25 minutes.
As soon as the pressure cooker begins to loudly release steam, set the timer for 35 minutes.
The chicken can be added back to the broth to make soup, or you can eat the chicken separately and then strain and refrigerate the broth for later use. You can cook a small amount in almost any cooker but you cannot fill a cooker more than half to two thirds full, depending upon what’s in it. It took 30 minutes from start to finish and the result was fork-tender chicken that tasted incredible. Barbara sent me a link when she got her post up with the recipe and I couldn’t wait to give it a try.

Remove them with a slotted spoon into a bowl and put aside. Add ground cumin and paprika to the butter in the pot and cook, stirring rapidly, for 10-15 seconds. We bought a Cooks Essential pressure cooker last week and I am loving this method of preparing our food. But instead of walking away for 4-8 hours, like you would with a slow cooker, a pressure cooker gives you just enough time to change out of your work clothes and sort through the junk mail before dinner is done.
Add the tomato mixture, salt, cream, yogurt and chicken pieces (with any juices that have accumulated in the bowl) to the pot. Browning in the Instant Pot does reduce the splatter around your cooking area because of the deep pot.
I’m pretty much positive it was your recipe for Beef Pho that I used when I made it the first time. In about 30 minutes a whole chicken or several pounds of tough stew meat are transformed into a meal that will melt in your mouth, rich with flavor and perfectly cooked.
Using a pressure cooker is also an efficient way to cook stock, as the high temperature will coax flavor and collagen out of bones in record time. The lid of a pressure cooker locks tightly into place and can only be opened if you press a button to release the latch. Meal preparation takes fraction of time, fraction of water, fraction of energy compare to all other cooking methods. It will take time to build up pressure (usually 30 minutes) and additional time to release pressure after cooking (usually 30 minutes). Just add your bones and animal parts, throw in a few cups of chopped carrots, celery and onion, plus enough water to cover everything, and cook for 35 minutes or so. Because of very short cooking time, and only slightly higher then boiling water temperature this cooking method does’t destroy as many nutrients as high temperature cooking or boiling.
I can cook small meals in it, but I have the capability to cook a big pot of chili, or a 6 serving size meal so that I have lots of leftovers. It was super f rustrating because this was my first pressure cooker experience, and I thought I must be doing something wrong, but couldn’t figure out for the life of me what it was. I know where my tomatoes come from and know 100% that they are clean because I grew them and only put a little salt and some vinegar or fresh lemon juice in them before pressure cooking them. I personally prefer the stove-top over the electric, just because I can use my pressure cookers as regular old pots by swapping out the lid, which Kuhn Rikon also includes–a plain glass lid as well as the pressure lid.
So, thank you for posting this because I do feel pressure cookers are the best kitchen gadget ever, I just choose the electric version! It finally came up to pressure, and the regulator started to rock after about 10 – 12 minutes. After 10 minutes use a quick pressure release to release any remaining pressure. Stir in the garam masala and roasted cumin. So be patient, and give your cooker time to come up to pressure before you start worrying that you may be cooking a bomb on your stove!

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