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I created these lists primarily for those of you out there who are athletes or who are looking to put on some weight with adding calories and carbs.
Mark Sisson talks about some targets in his carbohydrate curve, though I wouldn’t say these ranges are applicable to every person.
Personally I have oats (not paleo, I know) in my egg stir fry every morning when I have a weight lifting workout during the day.
If there is one aspect of the nutritional world that has irked me to no end, it is the subject matter of carbohydrates. To preserve muscle and promote fat loss, you want to make sure you have a protein source with a carb source at eachВ  meal.
Use this tool to discover new associated keyword & suggestions for the search term Paleo Portions. I have many clients who have eaten VERY low carb and have not seen it as an effective fat-loss strategy. My only comment is on the idea that plant foods with beta carotene and other Vitamin A precursors are not technically sources of vitamin A which is found in animal foods. I love your blob particularly out of all the paleo ones out there My whole family eat with a paleo orientation. I would definitely recommend, as I mentioned above, a significant increase in fat in your diet vs the carbs if they don’t feel great.

Over the years, I have cut carbs, carb loaded, carb cycled, and gone absolutely carb crazy as I tried to find out what the specific ratio of carbohydrate intake would be for a my specific goals. While it is known that adding fats to carbohydrates can slow the insulin response, you want to actually AVOID doing this per and post workout.
The results we show for the keyword Paleo Portions will change over time as new trends develop in the associated keyword catoegory and market.
However, for many people, increased carbohydrate intake seems to increase their appetite as well as the physiological response of insulin, our storage hormone for nutrients. TO maximize results, I recommend eating your largest carb serving of the day within 1 hour of your most intense training session. Remember, the best times to consume carbs are first thing in the am and right after a workout.
Carbs post workout is a good plan, but consider training a bit less- your return will be just as good if not better when you get adequate recovery.
Any other time, you want to limit your carb sources between 10-20 grams at a sitting to optimize fat loss. I wondered if it would be okay to introduce occasionally for him- he seems to be always hungry, even when I fill him with those carbs mentioned above.
However, I am no carbophobe and regularly tell my clients who have even more aggressive weight loss goals to continue to eat carbohydrates in a given manner to actually ENHANCE the fat burning effect.

Combining carbs with proteins and fats should be done in a manner that promotes fat loss while preserving muscle.
As a general rule, pre and post workout meals should have a fat load under 10-15 grams in combination with your protein and carbs. Additionally, MORE carbs may actually drive his hunger levels UP… so, I’d really focus on fats and protein as the additional calories and see how that goes! When eating a heavier protein and fat meal, you should limit carb intake to 10-15 grams as well (note: I generally recommend the support portion of 20grams based on the intensity of a workout. I have talked to a number of paleo-friendly athletes who have also run into this carb restricted wall as well, wondering why they felt so gassed midway through a WOD or RKC style chain workout. Outside of the pre and post workout windows, carb sources should be from green vegetables only).
This weeks three part series is all about the role of carbohydrates for fat loss, athletic performance, and mass gain.

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