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This chicken larb salad is like Pop Rocks Candy – layers of textures and amazing punchy flavours unravel in your mouth with each bite.
If you can’t find coconut aminos, use some palm sugar for that little sweetness that you need in the authentic larb. Prepare the salad base by mixing together sliced red cabbage, onion grated carrot, and fresh herbs.
Serve cooked chicken mince on top of the dressed salad and topped with roasted cashews, dried shallots, coconut flakes and extra fresh herbs. Just wanted to drop by and say I am currently half way through a bowl of this salad and it’s awesome.
I also love that this recipe tastes as good (or better!!) as any Chinese Chicken Salad you could get at aВ restaurant but it’s actually good for you! In a small mason jar with lid add tamari, vinegar, minced ginger, olive oil, hoisin sauce, toasted sesame oil, chili oil, sriracha, sea salt and chopped green onions.
Next, put chopped cabbage, shredded carrots, cilantro, sesame seeds, cashews, shredded chicken, and enough dressing to coat (around half) into a large plastic bag, seal, and shake vigorously until well incorporated.

If you’re getting bored of the same old salads over and over, this one is sure to spice things up!
Sorry to point this out because your recipe sound delicious and is probably quite healthy but Hoisin sauce contains sugar and wheat.
I was inspired to make this cabbage slaw after reading the awesome ode to cabbage on CaveGirl Eats. Originating inВ Laos and evolving through neighbouring cuisines, this salad is made with different types of minced meat, fish sauce, lots of fresh lime juice, chili and raw vegetables.
The recipe calls for some ingredients you might not usually have in your shopping basket, like lemongrass or coconut aminos, but they are very easy to find in specialty stores and online.
Palm sugar is made from the sap of the palm tree which is collected and boiled down to thicken. The recipe makes quite a lot so you will have enough to feed a family or to save as leftovers for lunch. It’s so easy to throw together on a busy weeknight and you can feel great about eating it since it’s dairy free, gluten free, low carb, well combined, and paleo friendly.

I can’t do the hoisin either on paleo but I think the coconut aminos and vinegar will work beautifully. Then, I added the mayonnaise, salt and pepper to taste and blitzed on low until everything was combined. I’m totally in love with the dressing and can’t wait to use it again as a marinade, dip for spring rolls, and salad dressing! Like raw honey, I think of palm sugar as a natural sweetener and I use a little bit for baking or in Asian dishes.
I know most people feel like cutting carbs will be too restrictive but the key is having delicious low carb foods like this salad!!
Next, put chopped cabbage, shredded carrots, cilantro, sesame seeds, cashews, shredded chicken, and enough dressing to coat into a large plastic bag and shake vigorously until well incorporated.

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