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I can’t think of many things are better than a list of Paleo breakfast smoothie recipes. A great way to get going in the morning is to make a smoothie or shake for a drinkable breakfast. Instead of skipping breakfast, the most important meal of the day, the next time you are in a rush, whip up a quick shake to get off to a good start. DirectionsIn a large cup (if using an immersion blender) or a blender, combine ingredients and blend until smooth. One issue with this breakfast recipe is that it provides little protein and, which is one of the mainstay of the paleo diet.

I am not a breakfast person and I have limed time in themorning before I have to get my kids to school.
They have a neutral flavor and just a tablespoon of these will provide you with Omega-3s, fiber, and protein. Banana is also a popular smoothie add-in because it’s healthy and the flavor works well with a lot of other ingredients.
With 470+ easy-to-prepare Paleo recipes in 17 comprehensive categories it is the only Paleo book you will ever need.
Rebecca became interested in the Paleo diet in 2012, focusing on natural, unprocessed foods, and has been hooked ever since.

You can pretty much experiment making smoothies and be okay but sometimes it is nice to have a quick and simple recipe that guarantees the balance and flavor will be there because someone else figured it out for you. Would like to start off with a few smoothie breakfast choices that my 6 year old will enjoy. Instead of throwing some ice cubes in the smoothie, using frozen fruit keeps the drink cold and provides more nutrients.

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