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When I was first introduced to what a Paleo diet was and decided to try some Paleo breakfast recipes, I thought I would be only eating eggs with fruit every morning. We will work on replacing the recipes with ghee and butter – or a lot of them you could just substitute coconut oil. I decided to do some research and was pleasantly surprised to find 205 Paleo breakfast recipes that looked good, easy to make, healthy and didn’t have a huge list of ingredients. This list is organized a little differently than my other recipe lists because it’s so large of a list, I decided to break it up in to several smaller lists. Although, a suggestion to you that is often overlooked for a fantastic Paleo breakfast is leftovers.

The Paleo flours, like coconut flour and almond flour combined with eggs make a very filling muffin that will keep you satisfied until lunch.
Then below that are several other lists of recipes to help you narrow it down to what you are looking for.
I think it’s really important to have at least one vegetable with every meal and breakfast is no exception. A lot of these recipes have vegetables, which are wonderful for variety and to help with your gut health.
I hope this list will be helpful to a few others as you try to find some new, go-to Paleo breakfast recipes.

There are Paleo cereal recipes, Paleo muffin recipes, granola bars, pancakes, cookies, smoothies and more. There are recipes you can make ahead of time and grab that morning on your way out the door or my involved recipes you may want to save for a Saturday or Sunday.

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